Academic Support Services

Whether you're attending classes on campus or online through our Global Campus, DU has the support systems you need!  


Academic Issue Resolution Center
Concise list of options focused on resolving common academic issues
Academic Student Organizations
Join an organization where you can gain hands on experience, launch business ideas, and much more!

Support of an academic advisor to aid in their academic pursuits

  • Attendance Dashboard | Dashboard overview | PDF

  • Attendance in all Foundations of Learning and 100 level courses will be reported until the last day to drop with a “W” grade for every semester or session.
  • Attendance in 200 level courses and above, including graduate, will be reported for the first two weeks of each semester or session.

Full details of Davenport's Attendance Practice

Bilingual/Multilingual Resources
Google sheet contains a list of staff at DU that have identified themselves as multilingual.
Career Services
Campus Life

Visit us in the Center for Learning & Engagement or connect with us via phone at 616-554-5095. Campus Life is made up of many departments:

Credit for Prior Learning

Get Credit for What You've Already Learned and Accomplished including Competency Testing (also know as test for credit)

Constitution Day
September 17 has been set aside by Congress for all education institutions to provide education programs and information about the U.S. Constitution, which was signed on September 17, 1787.
Course Concerns

Concerned about your course?  If there is a concern with your instructor or your course that needs to be addressed, and you have been unsuccessful in resolving the issue with your instructor which is the first step in the process, please fill out a course concern form.

Course Evaluation
Course evaluations are extremely important. They help Davenport faculty and staff review course workload, materials and outcomes to assess needed revisions. Evaluation feedback is also used to evaluate course instructors and assist in improving skills and teaching methods.
Final Grade Appeals

The purpose of the Final Grade Appeal process is to provide students with a process to appeal their Final Grade. The Final Grade Appeal process should be used only when the student believes that the final course grade assigned is incorrect. 

First Generation Students
  • ACES Learning Community Classes – A first-year success course

  • Peer mentoring - Sign up at

  • Academic coaching

  • Study skills & time management training

  • Workshops & speakers

  • Internship referrals

  • Student Success Handbooks

Global Campus

Global Campus Consists of On-demand and Livestream classes.


If faced with an emergency such as a severe illness that prevents the completion of a course within the semester, students may request an Incomplete


Use the Davenport University Library's resources to help save time and money:

Registrars Office
  • Certification of Veterans for educational benefits
  • Degree posting
  • Enrollment verifications
  • Transcript evaluation
  • Transcript production

A full list of responsibilities and contact information can be found here.

Student Affairs


Student Access

Provides resources and support to students with disabilities. See our quick links below: 

Student Care or Concern Incident Reports

For specific concerns regarding a students well-being or general care and concern for a student, please submit a Student Care or Concern report and you'll be connected to the member of our team best suited for the specific support needed. 

Student Conduct & Title IX

Students are held to the concepts of integrity, civility, and accountability through a lens of education and personal development, and in alignment with the values of the greater Davenport University community. Learn more about our handbooks, student policies and student rights and responsibilities here

See quick links below: 

Temporary Medical Challenges

The Center for Campus Life is available to assist students in times of unplanned medical crisis which may occur and impede their academic progress. Examples may include receiving a temporary illness, having surgery, or needing emergency medical services. Submit a Care report to be connected to our team. 

Time Management
Testing Services
Tutoring Services
  • Free and personal tutoring

  • Writing assistance for all classes

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is home to Davenport's Counseling Services and Health Services which can be accessed virtually or in-person.

Currently enrolled students are eligible to use all services within the Wellness Center for FREE.  


​​​​​​Undergraduate Support Services

First Year Experience

Davenport University's First Year Experience is dedicated to supporting incoming students so they can achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals.

Graduate Support Services

Tutoring Services

 Services provided by Tutoring for Graduate students include the following:

  • Tutoring consultation for 500 level graduate courses
  • Writing assistance—non-content specific help for assigned papers; also on campus or virtual tutoring on proper APA formatting.
  • Review of thesis statement to ensure methodology is aligned with problem statement and hypotheses.


If you have questions or cannot find the resources you are looking for please contact