Risk Management supports the vision, mission and values of Davenport University by identifying, analyzing, and controlling the university’s risk with the ultimate goal of efficiently protecting our students, faculty, staff, community and the university’s assets and integrity.

Risk Management's functions include: identification, analysis of risk, and assessment of loss potential; eliminating or minimizing risks; and claims management.

Risk Management provides services for workers’ compensation, automobile claims, property claims, contractual review, insurance acquisition and policy review, legal resources, consultative services and review of certificates of insurance. 

In addition to these services, we also work with all campuses and departments to provide education so they can become a part of the risk management process. We work to engage each department and campus so they can identify, analyze, and control the risk of loss for their specific areas.

Please do not hesitate to contact Risk Management at 989-794-1930 or wgagliardi@davenport.edu with any questions or concerns.