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Students in the College of Arts & Sciences, Maine College of Business, and College of Technology must complete 3 steps to achieve enrollment in an internship course. Click on the Red Button below to download a PDF version of the steps listed below.  Prefer a quick video to see how to even begin? Click HERE: 

3 Step Internship Course Enrollment Process

Not sure if an internship is right for you?  Click here to compare the Field Experience (489) class, group project, to individual internship or other experiential learning options like Prior Learning Credit or Study Abroad to complete your degree requirement! 


The standard internship is for 3 credits = 150 hours (50 per credit) of work with the employer, during the Academic semeser dates.  Credits can vary and your Academic Advisor can guide you as to how many you need to graduate.  




TASK 1: Contact your Academic Advisor to verify the semester of Academic Eligibility for your Internship Course and get added to the waitlist for that semester. Eligibility is a 2.3 GPA or above for undergrads, 3.0 for grad students, and classes taken in the proper order.  You remain on the Wait-list (at ZERO credits) until the position you are selected for makes it through the approval process - see STEP 3 below.
 TASK 2: Upload Your Resume to Your Handshake Account - it needs to be in "Reviewed" status for you to find success sending it through the system to employers.  If you get a "Changes Suggested" response, contact your Career Coach immediately for 1:1 assistance as your resume is at risk of not being up to par with current industry expectations and you may not make it to the interview pool!
TASK 3: Attend an Internship Workshop with your assigned Internship Manager - "Not qualified to join" will show if you attempt to attend the workshop of a different manager.  Sport Management students only need to do this once.  The Workshop is good for one year.   
TASK 4: Respond to the Post Internship Workshop Survey – you only gain access to this required survey after attending your assigned Internship Manager's Workshop. You will receive the survey via e mail from Handshake, and must complete it to gain access to reporting an internship / Experience Request portion of the website in STEP 3 below. 





It is your responsibility to find an internship relating to your major. It is more important than ever to use all methods available to connect to employers locally and remotely across the country, and internationally.  There are several options to help:

OPTION 1: Internship Managers partner with Employers to increase Internship postings in Handshake. There are a wide variety of active Internships for all majors across the United States:  Use your course code to filter the 2000+ opportunites!FIND POSITIONS ON HANDSHAKE NOW

OPTION 2: Attend Career Fairs & other Career Services Events virtually or in-person to meet with various employers and ask them about potential Internships: 

VIEW CAREER fairS   CAREER services events NOW

OPTION 3: Search specific Employer Websites, use Additional Resources below & Search Engines like LinkedIn and 

In Additional Resources below, the Internship Site History tells you where other DU students have interned before. The Remote Search document is new and will help if you are unsure what kind of internship you should pursue, or where. Use the Internship Guide for your internship class to understand what work you should do on your internship.  You can share the Guide for your internship with prospective employers who are interested in creating a position just for you!  

Sport Management Students:  TeamWork Online is an option that have been added to support you in seeking remote opportunities and in larger markets across the nation.  

OPTION 4:  Summer 2023 Study Abroad class, SABR381, is an option to substitute for the following internship courses:  Human Resources - HRMG490, Legal - LEGL490, Marketing - MKTG490, International Business Management - MGMT490I, Sport Management - SPMG290 & SPMG390.  Complete an interest form to get started.  Click Here for more information!  This is a separate process from the internship steps listed on this page.  Applications are due by late September.  


Winter Semester: December 15

Spring / Summer SemestEr: April 15


  1. Report your internship position EARLY or it may not get approved in time for course registration.
  2. Students only gain access to this reporting feature in Handshake after attending a workshop and completing the Post Internship Workshop Survey as required in STEP 1 above.
  3. Navigate to the "Experiences" tab in Handshake and "Request an Experience"
  4. You can help your employer get your approval right the first time by sharing the Employer Handshake Trouble Shooting FAQ with them
  5. Check on the progress of your internship approval within your Handshake Experience at any time!
  6. You can contact your Internship Manager by leaving messages in the comments section of your reported experience.

Report your position in handshake NOWINTERNSHIP MANAGER CONTACT INFO


College of Business


 ACCT490 Internship Guide

FINC490 Internship Guide

 IDMT490 Internship Guide

LEGL490 Internship Guidelines

HRMG490 Internship Guide 

MGMT490I International Internship Guide  

College of Business Cont. 


 MGMT490 Internship Guide

MKTG490 Internship Guide

SPMG290 & 390 Internship Guide


College of Arts and Sciences


 BIOL 490 Internship Guide  

College of Technology


 CISP490 BS Internship Guidelines

CSCI490 BS Internship Guidelines

DATA790 Internship Guidelines

GPMT490 BS Internship Guidelines 

IAAS490 BS Internship Guidelines

NETW490 BS Internship Guidelines


Additional Resources 


Employer Handshake Troubleshooting FAQ

My Internship Answers 2020 2021

How to Search for a Remote Internship

Internship Site History by Program 2022

Global Internships

Tips for Success   


Sports Management Resources


Lansing, MI 

Detroit, MI

Ann Arbor, MI

Mississauga, ON Canada

Orlando, FL

Boston, MA

Toronto, Canada

TeamWork Online - How to Search for Internships


                                        CAREER SERVICE GUIDE

Required versus Optional Internships

  • All Allied Health programs in the College of Health Professions require a practicum. 

    College Of Health Practicum Information

  • The Colleges of Business and Technology require Experiential Learning in all Bachelor level academic programs.  An internship is one option to fulfill this requirement
  • The College of Arts and Sciences Biological Laboratory Science has an optional internship
  • Internships are highly recommended for all students in these colleges

Internship Alternative – BUSN489 or TECH489

BUSN489 or TECH489 Field Experiences great alternatives. Students train to be business consultants and take part in an assigned live business case as a team member. Field Experience is for more experienced individuals who may not have so great a need to explore career paths, and/or are building upon an already strong resume. Learn more about Field Experiences here.

International Internships

Please visit the websites of DU-approved internship program providers and consult the Global Programs Office for further guidance and approval on travel after 2022.

College of Health Professions Practicums: click here.