Concerns, Reports & Feedback

Incident Report

Upon submission, these reports will be routed to the appropriate parties. Please remember to include full names and titles of all involved parties. When including dialogue, please use quotations. It may also be appropriate to share your desired outcomes.

Academic Misconduct: To file an instance of academic misconduct 

Report an Incident: To report an incident regarding the Student Code of Conduct or general student conduct concern 

Title IX/Sexual Assault: If you believe that you are a victim of or you have knowledge of an incident of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or any other issue which may fall under Title IX 

Student Alert: This alert is for faculty use only and pertains to a students academic or attendance struggles 

Student Care or Concern: For specific concerns regarding a students well-being or general wellness / care for a student

Anti Harassment Incident Report: For specific concerns regarding such an incident related to harassment 

Bias Incident Report: Issues of bias (or unfair prejudice) to an individual, group, organization and/or the overall community  

Issue Resolution

EthicsPoint Reporting: Use this third party and confidential EthicsPoint hotline for any situation or conduct you believe violates an applicable law, regulation, government contract, grant requirement or University Policy. Contact by phone or via an online portal (search for 'EthicsPoint' when you are logged in to the DU Intraweb).Phone: 855-271-2823

Facilities Work Order: For work order tickets and facilities issue requests 

Information Technology/Customer Support Center: To assist you with issues specific to our Information Technology systems or programs 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - For staff and faculty looking to connect with a counselor or similar support. EmployeeConnect Plus line can also be reached via phone at 855-327-4463 or on-line with Web ID = Lincoln.  

Title IX ResourcesReview of the Title IX policies and procedures

University Feedback

University Feedback: Do you have general feedback for the University that is not related to any other reporting options above? Submit this form. 

Worker's Compensation and Work-related Injuries: To report a workers compensation claim or work-related injury, please contact the Office of Public Safety on your campus. Faculty and staff use only. 

Additional Employee Resources: Click here Human Resources Webpage to get to know your HR team and to review additional information regarding policy, benefits, and employment services.