Practicum Experience


Allied Health and Health Information Management students in the College of Health Professions must complete these steps to achieve enrollment in a practicum course. Students in the Mental Health Counseling program in the College of Arts and Science must follow the internship process found here.  Practicums (also called externships) are designed to provide students with practical work experience. Practicums can also open networking opportunities and often allow making important contacts within the healthcare system. This process pertains to the following courses and experience hours:

Courses & Experience Hours

Course Hours
Health Information Technology (HINT297c) 80 hour minimum on site
Health Services Administration (HSAD495) 120 hour minimum on site
Medical Assisting (MEDA290) 180 hour minimum on site
Health and Human Services Case Management (HHCM 495) 120 hour minimum on site
Cancer Tumor Registry (CATR299) Estimated 160 site hours (dependent on competency completion)

Practicum Experience Submission Deadline & Checklist

(All tasks, listed below must be completed before the deadline.)

Semester Intending to Complete Practicum Deadline
Winter August 15th
Spring/Summer December 15th
Fall April 15th


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Practicum Process