Practicum Experience


Practicums (also called externships) are designed to provide students with practical work experience. They emphasize the importance of learning by doing. Students can expand their knowledge base from theory to practice and provide valuable contribution to their host sites. Practicums can also open networking opportunities and often allow making important contacts within the healthcare system.

Practicums are required of all Davenport University College of Health Professions Allied Health and HIM students.  Practicums are placement-based opportunities determined by the Practicum Coordinator (PC).  While most sites are within a reasonable distance from student's home location, students are expected to be able to travel up to one hour one-way to their practicum site.

The first step is to attend a virtual Practicum Seminar.  It is critical that students make themselves aware of the requirements and meet with their Advisor to be added to the practicum course wait list at least two semesters prior to the anticipated practicum course.  

The practicums are required of students in the following programs:

  • Health Information Technology - 80 hour minimum on site
  • Health Services Administration - 120 hour minimum on site
  • Medical Assisting - 180 hour minimum on site
  • Health and Human Services Case Management - 120 hour minimum on site

Meet your Practicum Coordinator






  • Attending the Practicum Seminar is mandatory prior to submitting the Experience Request

    • Seminar must be taken within two semesters of the preferred semester of practicum course. 
  • Students must register for upcoming Practicum Seminars on Handshake.  
  • Once the Practicum Seminar has been successfully completed, you will be provided access to the application (Experience Request) on Handshake.


Davenport University recognizes three annual Experience Request deadlines dates that do not change year to year:

  • Spring/Summer Semester Practicum Application Deadline: Jan 15th

  • Fall Semester Practicum Application Deadline: May 15th

  • Winter Semester Practicum Application Deadline: Sept 15th

These deadlines are hard deadlines.  Experience Requests submitted after 11:59 p.m. (EST) on deadline dates cannot be accepted.  

Application Process