Software Resources

Resources for your Technology classes -- some are free; others are at a discount!

Student Software Resources

Students in the following classes will need access to the software listed below:

Classes Student Software

OnTheHub DISCOUNTED Software

Students who visit OnTheHub's website will NOT be able to receive free software. The site does have software that can be purchased at a discount; however, students are not required to purchase the software. You can find the FREE software in the table above with links that take you to the section within this page.

If you would like access to the discounted software from OnTheHub, please contact

Office 365

Microsoft Office is available FREE to students and instructors by going to Get Office 365 and entering your Davenport email address. If you do not have Office 2019 or 365, it is best and easiest to create this account before you try to create the Azure DevTools for Teaching account for other Microsoft software.

You can find instructions for accessing Office 365 here: Office 365 Instructions.

Students must be enrolled in at least one of the following areas to be eligible:
  • BITS
  • CIOP
  • CISP
  • CSCI
  • GPMT
  • IAAS
  • NETW
  • TECH
  • TMGT

Microsoft Azure DevTools for Teaching

Davenport University’s College of Technology provides its students and instructors with access to FREE downloads through our membership with Microsoft's Azure DevTools for Teaching site. Azure DevTools includes operating system software, MS Access, MS Project, MS Visio, server operating systems, and other software. This software is a full copy with no limitations.

You can find instructions for Azure DevTools at the link here: Azure DevTools for Teaching Instructions.

Access is available for one year for both students and instructors. The Azure DevTools offer does not include Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. For those software programs, see the Office 365 section above.

For GPMT Students:

Students using a Mac will need to use DU's Virtual Labs to access MS Project for their classes.

It is best to have an Office 365 account set up before trying to set up your Azure DevTools for Teaching account.

  • Instructors will also be given access information three days prior to the course start date. If access is needed earlier than that timeframe, new instructors will need to request that access through their ADC.
  • Students must register and create their own passwords. The username will always be the DU student email address. If an e-mail is not received, please check your SPAM folder before contacting
  • If there are any questions, you may email customer support at:

Virtual Labs

If you are a Davenport student taking a course from the College of Technology, you will have access to PCs in a Virtual Lab setting. As a student, you will need to download the student VPN in order to access the PCs in the Virtual Labs.

Virtual Labs Instructions

You can download the student VPN app from this link:

You can access the Virtual Labs dashboard from the links below.

Virtual Box

For BITS Students:

Excel is a Microsoft program, NOT an Apple/Macintosh application and if you are using a Mac, you will not be able to access certain tools that are available to Windows users. Instructors are not generally proficient with Macs and may not be able to assist you in the conversion of how to use or where to find tools in the program. You can create a Windows environment by using VirtualBox and installing Windows 10 and then the full version of Excel, Word, and/or Access in the virtual environment.

You can find instructions for downloading VirtualBox here: VirtualBox Windows and Mac Instructions.

For IAAS/NETW/TECH Students:

  • If your class will only be working with one virtual machine at a time, you will need to download VMware Player. You can find the instructions here: VMware Fusion Player Instructions
  • If you are doing all your work from home, you will need to download VirtualBox.
  • If your course will require you to create several VMs, you have two choices. First, if you plan to do all your work from home, then you will need to download VirtualBox. If your instructor needs you to have VMware, then your instructor will need to make the request for the VMware registration (instructors have been notified). Ask your instructor!


VMware is now being accessed through the D2L Brightspace site and needs to be requested from the instructor of a course that requires VMware. Instructors will need to request that access through their ADC. with their request. Would need to submit the course code, the CRN, and the number of students in the course.

You can find the instructions for downloading VMware in the links below:

VMware Workstation Player Instructions

JourneyEd Discount Licensing

Davenport University has an agreement with JourneyEd who provides educational pricing for software, some hardware, and accessories for both students and instructors. For access to this website, please visit:

Amazon AWS Educate Program

DU is enrolled as an institution in the Amazon AWS Educate program. This means there are Amazon AWS Educate credits available for Davenport students and instructors.

Instructors receive a $200 credit annually, students receive a $100 credit annually. Those credits can be used on many other cloud services available at:

Terms and conditions may be found at:

The signup process for students is easy:

  1. Sign up for an AWS account if you don't already have one (go here: and click the 'sign up' button in the upper-right corner). This step will require you to enter a credit card for any additional charges not covered by the free tier or the AWS Educate grant.
  2. Enroll in the AWS Educate program, here: uses our main location for the city: Grand Rapids)
  3. Once you have finished the enrollment step, you should receive approval shortly and in that email, you will find your promo code for the AWS Educate credit - enter that code into your AWS account following the instructions in the email.

Instructors will need to follow the website instructions labeled for “Educators.”