Course Concerns

Academic Course Concern

Concerned about your course?  

Davenport University is committed to maintaining a high-quality educational experience for our students. If there is a concern with your instructor or your course that needs to be addressed, and you have been unsuccessful in resolving the issue with your instructor which is the first step in the process, you may fill out this Course Concern Form (not used for attendance appeal). The form is reviewed by Academic Operations and is forwarded to the appropriate individual to address the concern.  

Potential issues that may be resolved during the semester/session are: 

  • Absent Instructor

    •  Examples: faculty arriving late, not responding to emails, cancelled classes, no activity in Blackboard, etc.
  • Feedback
    •  Examples: No feedback, lack of communication about grades, lack of rubric, etc.
  • Course environment is negatively affecting my learning
  • Faculty changes assignment requirements and due dates without proper notification
  • Grading Concern
    •  unable to understand why an assignment grade was received

Issues that can be mentioned in the end-of-course evaluation, but won’t be addressed through this form:

  • Course is too difficult

    • Speak with your instructor about the difficulty of the material and/or contact your advisor
  • Course takes too much time
    • Students are expected to be adequately prepared for each class session.
    • It is reasonable to expect at least two hours of outside study for every hour spent in the classroom (in-seat or online)
  • You don't care for the textbooks or assignments
    • The instructor won't be able to change the course for you personally during the session, but do mention this in the final evaluation
  • You disagree with the Final grade you received
    • If you have discussed the grading with your instructor and you still disagree with the grade you received, once the session ends, please review the Final Grade Appeal Process.
    • This needs to be completed within three business days of the start of the next session