Tech Requirements

Technology Requirements

Global Campus Learning

It is recommended that students who are taking Global Campus courses have their own personal computer with a reliable internet connection to be able to access their courses. It is always best to have a backup plan if your primary computer or access fails.

Alternate sources for a personal computer can include:

  • A friend
  • Family Member
  • Public Library
  • Davenport Library

Additional we recommend that students have at least a minimum set of computer skills such as the ability to:

  • Send and receive emails
  • Work with Microsoft Word
  • Work with files and folders
  • Copy and paste items
  • Use and navigate the internet

You can test your basic computer skills with the Basic Technology Quiz

Hardware Requirements

The following are the minimum system hardware requirements currently needed to support Blackboard. You may need to use some older systems. However, if you have less than these minimum requirements we may not be able to provide you with adequate support to solve all the problems that may arise.

Personal Computer

  • Windows 10 PC or OS-X 10.14 (Mojave), 10.15 (Catalina), or 11 (Big Sur) Mac
  • Functioning webcam and microphone
  • Speakers or headset

Internet Connection

Connection speeds will affect the rate and amount of information accessed over the internet. If you connect to the internet over a dial-up connection, the download rate will be significantly slower than over a broadband connection. Slow internet speeds may make access to certain parts of courses significantly harder.

For streaming video, we recommend at least 3Mb/s of broadband internet, but audio and video will perform better over a faster connection.

Please note: Davenport will provide reasonable accommodations upon request to ensure equal access to University educational services and resources. Please see our ADA Accommodations page for more information.

Software Requirements

Students should be aware of the software applications considered standard at Davenport University. These include:


Blackboard supports most primary browsers for faculty and students to access their courses. Links to the vendor sites for browsers are included below

Note: Davenport recommends against the use of Microsoft Edge.

Compatibility Checks