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New Student Information

Global Campus Orientation

The Global Campus is made up of Online and RTV Courses

Global Campus Students

Global Campus students have access to all of the services and tools as students who attend classes on campus do. There are some services and expectations specific to the Global Campus and online learning that are described in this orientation.

Online Classes

Each course follows a weekly schedule for assignments which is outlined in the syllabus and course calendar. What day and time you access the course to complete work is up to you but the due dates for assignments must be met. Courses are delivered through Blackboard Learn, which houses all of the information students need in its virtual environment.

Real-Time Virtual Classes

Classes are held at a scheduled time and students meet virtually in Blackboard Collaborate. Live faculty deliver key learning components, including short lectures, discussions, activities, and group projects. Course materials, including assignments, assessments, and supplemental content, are housed in Blackboard Learn and are available at any time.

Where To Go Next

First-Time Online

If you are completely new to online learning or are coming back after a prolonged break, then visit this section first. it contains important information about what to expect, how to prepare, and what you need to be successful.

Some Online Experience

If you have some experience taking online courses at DU or elsewhere but need a refresher on what to expect, visit this section. It contains expectations and resources to help you do your best in line courses.  This section also contains information about being an Online learner at DU.

Experienced Online Learners

If you consistently have taken online courses or are currently taking online courses this section provides resources for continued success and contains DU specific information.