Charge Appeal

Students have the opportunity to appeal charges on their student account up to 30 calendar days following the end of the semester in question. All completed appeals received will be reviewed by the Appeals Committee. Appeals are approved or denied on a case-by-case basis and may be partially approved or approved with conditions. Please be as thorough as possible when providing your request and documentation. A delay will occur if the committee needs additional information.

An appeal MUST include supporting documentation. Documents must be detail and date specific, related, and legible. Requests received without supporting documentation will not be reviewed by the committee.

Examples of supporting documentation:

  • Email communication between the student and Davenport University employee
  • Medical records
  • Death certificate and/or obituary

Students will receive an email of the decision on the appeal within 30 calendar days of date the appeal was received or the date additional information/documentation was submitted, whichever is later.

Students are allowed two appeals over their academic career at Davenport University.

Appeal requests can be submitted via webform, emailed to or mailed to:

Davenport University
Attn.: Accounts Receivable
6191 Kraft Avenue
Grand Rapids, MI  49512