Collection Account Information

Students that still have a balance owed to the University will have up to six weeks after the semester ends to resolve their current balance before collection attempts begin. This outstanding balance will prohibit enrollment in any future semester. Also, an official transcript and/or your diploma will not be released.

During this time students will receive communication via email, mail, and phone calls reminding them of their outstanding balance and to contact our office to resolve their balance. 

Payment plans are available up to 12 months in length and can be set up by visiting the Past Due Payment Dashboard (DU student login required). Payments can be made online in the Student Payment Center (DU student login required) until a year and one month after the semester ends.  Payments will then need to be made with our office over the phone or by mail. Automatic payment withdrawals are not available. 

If you do not take any action with Davenport University, your account may go to collections. If your account ends up being placed with an outside collection agency:

  • You will be responsible for all additional costs assessed to your student account by the collection agency, including court and legal fees.
  • You will be required to work with the collection agency to resolve your student account balance.

Please reach out to our office as soon as possible to make arrangements to pay your balance due to avoid collections. You can reach Accounts Receivable at 800-266-6158 or at


Collection Agencies
  • Merchants & Medical Credit: 800-562-0273
  • Reliant  Capital Solution: 866-738-3179