Some Online Experience

Global Campus Time Commitment


Make sure that you know how to access Blackboard and Video Conferencing before your first class period. Also ensure that you have a working microphone.

Livestream classes require meeting in and work outside the class to complete assignments by the due dates. For a class length of 15 weeks, expect to spend 3 hours in class and 6 hours outside of class. For a class length of 10 weeks expect to spend 3 hours in class and 10 hours outside of class. For 7 week courses expect to spend 6 hours in class and 12 outside of class

Students may attend class on a Davenport campus, from their own home or from a workstation of their choice that meets accepted technology specifications. Students are expected to attend every session as scheduled.

On-demand Courses

Students are encouraged to actively engage with course material in the On-demand course five days out of the week.

On-demand class time is based on time in Blackboard, material review, assignment research/completion, and other course activities needed to meet due dates For a class length of 15 weeks, expect to spend 9 hours a week on course work. For a 10 week course, expect to spend an additional 4 hours per week and for a 7 week course expect a total of 18 hours of work a week.

Students may determine which days and times of the day they attend their course(s).

Global Campus Attendance Policy

Attendance for classes 100 level and below is reported until the withdraw deadline, while attendance for classes 200 level and above, including graduate, is reported only for the first two weeks.

  • Attendance in Livestream classes is taken at the beginning and end of each scheduled meeting.
  • Attendance in On-demand classes is determined by the submission of at least one gradable assignment during the week.

An attendance alert will be issued if you fail to attend a class. If your instructor does not clear the alert you will be administratively removed from the course after two business days. If you are unable to attend contact your instructor right away and follow up on any absence alert emails ASAP.

Blackboard Tour Video Conferencing

Davenport courses uses Video Conferencing for live meetings and some assignments in On-Demand courses as well. Students should ensure they are comfortable launching the software and accessing a meeting by using the resources available from the DU Libraries.

Additional Notes

Each credit hour requires, at a minimum, the same amount of work as a traditional lecture course.

In courses where there is a need to practice basic skills or master new concepts, more time may be needed for the class.

The questions below will walk you through a Time Management Worksheet to help determine if you have the time for a Global Campus class or classes.