Commonly Used Tech

Every Global Campus class is different and may require you to learn how to use a new piece of technology. Below you will find a list of tutorials for technology commonly used in all classes.

Blackboard Collaborate

Meet with your instructor or classmates online using completely web-based interface. Thanks to a robust collection of tools, everyone feels like they are in the same room together, regardless of location or device.

Google Drive

Cloud based storage that allows you to access files from your Du email, share with friends, or work on group projects. It also allows you to create Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more!


Video management and creation tool available inside Blackboard. Staff and students can easily create, upload, edit, manage, publish, discover, and deliver high quality videos to any device live or on demand.

Davenport uses the Kaltura Video Platform to enable students and instructors to create and share videos within courses.

View this Getting Started Guide, or watch the videos below, for detailed information about how you can set up Kaltura for use in your course.

Locate your My Media gallery and install the Kaltura Capture recorder to begin making your own recordings.

Visit the Kaltura Learning website for detailed information on how to use the Kaltura Capture Recorder to create recordings.

Post your Kaltura recordings in any Blackboard course.


SafeAssign is a plagiarism prevention tool that allows your instructor to check the originality of a homework submission. SafeAssign automatically conducts the check by comparing your assignment against a database of other assignment submissions. Submitting an assignment through SafeAssign generates a SafeAssign Originality Report which provides detailed information about the matches found between your paper and existing sources.

Viewing SafeAssign Submissions

To view your submission and the SafeAssign reports associated with it access your assignment after you submit it. Under Assignment Details select SafeAssign. You can then see the overall match percentage, and can learn more by selecting View Originality Report. It may take a few minutes for a report to generate after you have submitted an assignment.

SafeAssign Originality Report

A SafeAssign Originality Report is divided into three areas- Report Summary, Citations, and Submission.

Report Summary

Report summary appears in the top panel of the report. Select Access Report Summary to view the Overall Risk of improper citations in the paper, including the percent of matching or similar text.


Sources that match the submitted paper's text are listed in the right panel of the report. Select the source type to learn about the match. For each source, a number appears which corresponds with the highlighted text in the submission. Next to the source you can select Highlight match to toggle highlighting. You can also select open match source to visit the matching source text in a new window.

See Blackboard helps page for more information on SafeAssign.

Calculation Software

Many Davenport classes require you to use software to do statistical calculation, graph mathematical functions, etc. Below you will find information and tutorials for four of the common calculation software used at Davenport.


Minitab is a free statistics software package for Davenport students and employees. Online students will often receive a copy of Minitab with their textbook purchase or found at: LibGuide for Minitab


Desmos is a free online graphing calculator that students can use. More information can be found at: LibGuide for Desmos


IBM's Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) is a statistical program for data analysis available to Davenport students and employees. More information and how to download can be found at LibGuide for SPSS


MathGV is a free mathematical function graphing software program for Windows. Go to the MathGV Website for your free download and system requirements.

Simulating Windows on a Mac

If you are using a Mac, you can install Windows virtualization software using one of the following programs:

Running this software on a Mac

Please note: your computer must be Intel-based 10.5 Leopard.

To find out what operating system you are running:

  1. click on the blue apple in the upper left-hand corner
  2. select “About this Mac”.

The pop-up window will display what OS is installed on your machine.

Be proactive!

The following software may be needed to be successful in your online course.

Click on the corresponding link, and follow the instructions on the DEVELOPER'S Website:

NOTE: Please refer to individual course syllabus for specific required software.