Online Class Tips

  1. Read the class syllabus parts I and II. Consider the syllabi a contract between you and your instructor
  2. Buy the books for your class; they are required and needed
  3. Make sure your computer works well. Test your audio and video
  4. Check to see what is due and when. Build a calendar or download the course calendar.
  5. Review assignments at the beginning of the week and ask questions early so that there is time to receive an answer
  6. Schedule a phone call or Google hangout with your instructor when you have questions. Not as formal as it feels just because it has to be scheduled
  7. Google and other search engines are not always your friend. The textbook, instructor, DU tutoring, and the DU library are great resources
  8. Makes sure questions emailed to your instructor are detailed. Detailed questions receive detailed responses

When emailing your instructor state who you are and what class you are in in the subject or first part of the message. Keep the email short and to the point. If the email must be longer, keep the call to action at the top. Format for readability and clarity. Feel free to bold or italicize what you specifically need. Finally, be reasonable with your request. If your email takes a long time to type, it may be better to schedule a time for a phone call or Google hangout. You can also attend office hours.