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Dining Hall

Dining Hall


Welcome to the South Dining Hall

The South Dining Hall is an all you can eat dining facility with seven-station featuring everything from homemade home-style cuisine to International delicacies.  Our team of culinary experts has worked hard to create options for everyone and if the main entrees don't cater to your particular taste we also have a made-to-order deli and a-la-carte grill.                          

 Dining Hall Menu

The talented Dining Hall Staff works hard to create a variety of dining options to meet your nutritional needs as well as pleasing your palate.  Each of the stations features a different dining option from international cuisine to your homestyle favorite.

Menus are labeled with the allergens that they contain.  Also, note that there are vegetarian and gluten-free options available at all of the meals and throughout the day.  

If you just want a taste of something or would like it made without a topping or sauce don't hesitate to ask and our staff will do their best to accommodate you.  



The Dining Hall features all-day dining with flexible options throughout the day to accommodate even the busiest schedule.  Students with meal plans can plan around athletics, community activities, work, and studies.  Follow this link  to access the Dining Hall Schedule



 Our employees are trained in working with food-allergic guests to make their dining experience not only safe but enjoyable. Any guest who dines with us is encouraged to contact one of our managers to make sure there is a clear understanding of their needs.  Visit the allergen awareness page to get more information about the labeling system and preparation methods.  


Not a resident, doesn't matter.  We take cash or credit or better yet, buy a meal block.  We also have lunch only block that gives you deep discounts.  Check out the meal plan page for more information. 



Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to learn about specials, discount days and special events.  You can also check out the DU Dining Events Page