Eatable App

Eatable App Instructions 

  • Download Eatable by Creative Dining Services from the app store or android store. 
  • Select Sign-Up Now 
  • If you are faculty, use your staff email ( & students, your student email (
  • Enter the verification number sent in your email, you must do this right away or the code will become invalid
  • Enter your first name and select your campus (Davenport)
  • Upload a photo by clicking on the "Edit" icon underneath the picture silhouette. The picture must be of your face on a solid colored background, otherwise, it will not save
  • Once on the home screen, you will need to add a payment method. click on the account tab in the bottom right-hand corner. Select payment card. 
  • Select Meal card, and enter in your full name (first and last). 
  • Use your Student ID number to add a meal plan. 
  • Hit next & accept the terms 

Mobile ordering! 

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Panther Den 

Use the App to get into the Dining Hall!