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Meal Plans

Residential Meal Plans: 2021-2022

Unlimited Plan - $2524/ Semester

Required for all first-year students in South and Cook Halls, but available for everyone.  This plan allows students unlimited all-you-can-eat access to the Dining Hall during hours of operation.  It includes $75 dining dollars that may be used at the HUB or the Panther Den. 

19 Week Plan -$2451/Semester 

The 19 week meal plan is an option for all first-year students living in South Hall and Cook Hall. This plan allows students with three meals Monday-Friday and two meals Saturday & Sunday.  It includes $75 dining dollars that may be used at the HUB or the Panther Den. 

Returning Students in Cook Hall & Meijer Hall 

Students living in cook Hall & Meijer Hall can choose between three different meal plans. This allows students to choose the meal plan that best suits their needs. 

5 meals per week with 300 dining dollars- $1220/Semester 

7 meals per week with 150 dining dollars- $1220/Semester 

14 meals per week with 75 dining dollars- $2000/Semester 

Dining Dollars 

Dining dollars can be used in the Panther Den, HUB, and the Dining Hall. Meal plans come with dining dollars. 

Declining Balance 

Declining balance is money you can add to your eatable app and spend in our dining locations. You can also purchase through the Dining Office located on the lower level of the Sneden Center by the Mail Room or you can call us at (616) 871-6752 

Panther Ridge and Panther Woods Meal Plan Options

All the meal plans are an option for students living in Panther Ridge and Panther Woods, but none are required.  You may add a meal plan by contacting Dining Services or stop by the dining services office located by the mailroom on the Lower Level of the Sneden building.

Add/Change a Meal Plan

Athletes with Meal Plan Scholarships

For any athletes that have meal plans that are different than the defaults listed above, you must make that request at the link above to have that added to your account.


Commuter Meal Plans

ANY REGISTERED STUDENT, STAFF OR FACULTY MEMBER MAY PURCHASE A MEAL PLAN OR BLOCK.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A RESIDENT TO PURCHASE A MEAL PLAN.  If you would like to purchase a meal plan you can do it in person at the Panther Den, Dining hall or dining services office. 

You can also purchase them over the phone by call 616-871-6752 between the hours of 9 am & 4 pm.

14 Meals per week with 75 dining dollars - $2000 / Semester

This plan allows students to use 14 meals passes anytime throughout the week. It also includes 75 dining dollars that may be used at the HUB or the Panther Den. 

50 Block - $495 for 50 Meals

This is a declining balance plan that you can use as many meals per day as you would like for you and your guests, but once the balance reaches zero, you will need to purchase additional meals. These meals can be used anytime the Dining Hall is open.

Lunch Blocks

We have created additional special lunch only meal blocks for commuters and staff who will only be on campus during lunch.  These blocks are available for use from 11 am to 2 pm in the Dining Hall.  The bigger the block you purchase the bigger the discount off the door price.

  • 50 LUNCH Block - $360 (28% off the door price)

  • 30 LUNCH Block - $225 (25% off the door price)

  • 20 LUNCH Block - $155 (23% off the door price)

  • 10 LUNCH Block - $93 (7.5% off the door price)

As an additional bonus, Community Lunch Blocks will not expire as long as you are a registered student or employed by Davenport University.


Panther Dollars vs. Dining Dollars

Panther Dollars is money deposited into your account through DUposit by either yourself or your parent.  This money can be used to pay for laundry, printing and online at the DU Spirit Store.  These funds are available to the student as long as they are an active student at Davenport.   

Dining Dollars are bonus money that comes with your meal plan purchase.  They can only be used in dining services locations.  Dining dollars are non-transferrable, non-refundable and expire at the end of each semester.

Declining balance is money that you have put on your Eatable app and can only be used in dining. 

Panther dollars are not accepted at dining services locations.


Meal Plan Not Working

If your meal plan is not currently working you can stop by the Dining Services Office between 9 am and 4 pm or call 616-871-6752.  This includes troubles with the Eatable App or your housing card.