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Checkout/Move In

Move Out Information:

Winter 2021 Checkout

As we near the end of the semester, we have some information about end-of-year closing. Please read through the entirety of this email.

Residence Halls Close Tuesday, April 27th @ Noon

  • Students are expected to leave within 24 hours after their last class or by April 27th @ noon, whichever comes first.
  • Exceptions may be made for students in isolation or quarantine. If your on-campus isolation or quarantine period ends after April 27th, your RLC liaison will be in contact with you with further information

Checking Out:

Residents MUST complete a checkout. Failure to complete a checkout may result in a $50 improper checkout fee.

  • Residents have the option to complete an express checkout or an in-person checkout. Contact an RA to sign up for checkouts.
  • Express checkouts: Student completes checkout form and returns it (and apartment keys) to a designated location listed below. No RA or Housing staff is needed.
    • Express Checkout form pick up and drop off locations
      • South Hall front desk
      • Cook Hall front desk
      • Meijer Hall 1st floor lobby
      • Panther Ridge Building 2 RLC office 114
      • Mailbox outside Panther Woods 208
      • Center for Campus Life
    • In-person checkout: RA meets the student at their room to complete an inspection and collect keys.
  • Residents must sign up at least 24 hours before desired checkout time with an RA, regardless of which type of checkout
  • You may have up to two people assist you while you are moving out. They must wear face coverings throughout the move out process.
  • All other COVID regulations remain in place (face coverings in public areas, social distancing, etc.)

Your RA will post a checklist on your door for end-of-year closing.  DO NOT REMOVE THIS CHECKLIST.

    • Complete the Checklist
      • Each resident of the room will need to complete the checklist before leaving to avoid fines.
    • Have everything packed up and moved out of your room by the time you have signed up to check out
    • Furniture in rooms must be returned to exactly where it was when you came in
      • Remove any need 3M hooks put up in rooms, poster putty from walls; door decs down; check every drawer/shelf, etc
      • All furniture that came with the room must be present before you check out
  • All non-DU furniture and items must be removed from the room before you check out
    • Beds must be assembled
    • Loft kits must be returned to the South Hall front desk
    • If you would like to take responsibility for damages in your room so your roommates do not get charged for something you did, send an email to with your name, room number, and general information about the damage.
  • Take all trash and recycling to appropriate disposal places (dumpsters will be available outside)
  • Clean your suite! (If your suite is dirty, you may be charged).
  • Any room charges will be assessed at the end when the RLC does an inspection of the rooms. RAs aren’t able to tell you definitively if you’ll be charged any fines and/or how much they would be
  • All roommates in the suite will be responsible for charges related to cleaning or items remaining in common areas of the suite, so be sure to coordinate cleaning responsibilities and help each other out!
  • Carts will be available for checkout at the South front desk, but they are limited. If you are using a cart, please bring it back as soon as you are done. 
  • You will be able to keep your ID cards!  If you are coming back next year, you will need your ID card.  You WILL NOT be issued a new card for move in during the fall.  Card replacement fees are $25. 

Extended stay:

  • If you need to stay past this deadline, you MUST send an email to with your name, room number, extended move out date request, and other information regarding why you need an extended stay. Housing staff will reach back out to you if this extended stay has been approved.
  • If you have been approved for extended stay, HRL will contact you with more details about checking out of your room.
  • No visitors, except for those actively helping with move out, will be permitted in the residence hall during the extended stay period!
  • The last meal in the Dining Hall will be breakfast on Tuesday, April 27, so make meal arrangements accordingly if needed.

Summer Housing:


  • In order to receive mail during the summer, make sure to update your address via the Student Connections tab on DU website. If you do not do this, you will not receive mail during the summer.

Fall 2021 Move In

More information regarding Fall 2021 Move In will be coming soon.

Please continue to review your Davenport email throughout the summer for updates on the move in process. Other information about move in and general information about Housing and Residence Life is available on the FAQ page.