Shuttle Services

2024 Shuttle Schedule

The weekly shuttle service will end on April 27, 2024, and resume at the start of the Fall Semester. Meijer runs will be on Wednesdays starting May 1, 2024. Pickup at the Academic building at 2:30 pm, Panther Ridge at 2:40 pm, and Panther Woods at 2:50 pm.

Morning Service
Panther Woods Panther Ridge W.A. Lettinga Campus     Meijer/Target   
7:30AM 7:40AM 7:50AM -    
9:30AM 9:40AM 9:50AM - - Depart main campus lower level at noon
11:30AM 11:40AM 11:50AM      
Depart Panther Den 12:00 pm to Meijer     - - Depart from Meijer back to the main campus at 1:00 pm
End of morning service Monday thru Thursday
Afternoon Service
Panther Woods Panther Ridge W.A. Lettinga Campus      
 2:30PM 2:40PM  2:50PM - -  
3:30PM 3:40PM 3:50PM -   -
4:30PM 4:40PM 4:50PM - -  
      - - -
End of afternoon service Monday thru Thursday 

Rider Tips


  • Pick-up and drop-off for the Lettinga Campus will be at the lower level entrances near the Panther Den and Public Safety office.
  • Pick-up and drop-off point for Panther Woods will be at the Emergency communication station located near the entrance of the housing complex.
  • Drivers will attempt to be early to each stop and will not leave prior to the posted time.
  • Be at pick-up/drop-off location ten minutes prior to departure time