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Please click on the appropriate link to connect with the area your issue resides.

Issue Resolution

Appeal of Tuition and Charges: To appeal charges to your student account due to a significant life challenge or change, this link will direct you to the proper appeal form.

Information Technology/Customer Support Center: If you are experiencing issues with our Information Technology systems or programs, the following guide will direct you accordingly, including hours of operation.

Incident Report

Upon submission, these reports will be routed to the appropriate parties. Please remember to include full names and titles of all involved parties. When including dialogue, please use quotations.

Report an Incident: If you have an incident to report regarding the Student Code of Conduct or general concern, please proceed with this link to file an official report.

Sexual Harassment/Assault: If you believe that you are a victim of or you have knowledge of an incident of sexual harassment or sexual assault, please complete the form attached to this link.

Student Care or Concern: For specific concerns regarding a student illness, including Covid-19, or a friend or classmate's personal health or wellbeing, please use this link to submit a report to Public Safety and the Center for Campus Life.

Anti Harassment Incident Report: Davenport University is committed in all areas to providing an environment that is free from harassment. For specific concerns regarding such an incident, please complete the form at this link.

Bias Incident Report: Issues of bias (or unfair prejudice) have the potential to negatively impact an individual, group, organization and/or the overall community. Davenport University is committed to addressing these concerns individually. Please utilize this link to report an issue of potential bias.