Cengage Unlimited

Davenport University is always looking for innovative and cost-effective ways for students to have access to course materials and other study resources. We have partnered with Cengage to provide your course materials through a digital subscription program called Cengage Unlimited (CU) Inclusive Access. CU gives you day-one access to thousands of Cengage eTextbooks, online learning platforms, study guides, test prep, career readiness activities, and more, all in one place. We currently have almost 100 courses that use Cengage products. With your subscription, you will have access to all of your Cengage Course Materials on Day 1 of class. 

What is Cengage Unlimited?  

  • 1st-day access through Blackboard to the entire library of Cengage eTextbooks and their entire Cengage online learning platforms such as MindTap and WebAssign
  • Includes unlimited access to additional study tools, Career Success activities, College success tips, and more.
  • Watch this video to see how Cengage Unlimited works
  • Get more information about CU and Cengage course materials like MindTap and CNOWv2 here
  • Includes 4 FREE hardcopy textbook rentals (just pay $9.99 S&H each) per Semester.

How much does Cengage Unlimited cost?

A $50 course fee will be charged for each Cengage course. Students with multiple Cengage courses will experience no more than $120 in Cengage course fees per semester.

What if I want to opt out of Cengage Unlimited?

Students may opt-out of Cengage Unlimited here. The opt-out applies to Cengage Unlimited for a single semester but not other course fees or required purchases.   (note:  this is for all Cengage textbooks, not just a particular course)

What does it mean to opt-out?

If you do not wish to participate in Cengage Unlimited Inclusive Access, a completed opt-out form will be accepted up until the last day of drop/add. If you opt-out by the deadline given, access to the online content will be turned off and you will be responsible for purchasing your own materials. Students who opt-out will not be able to secure course materials through the use of a book voucher and materials will not be made available through the DU bookstore.

I did not opt-out, but I did not register my access or use the online platform. Will I still be billed?

Yes. All students who are enrolled in a course using Cengage Unlimited Inclusive Access are automatically considered part of the program. To avoid being billed you must opt-out before the add/drop deadline.

I dropped the course. Do I still need to opt-out?

Students who drop the course before the start of the semester will automatically be "opted out" and will not be billed. If a student withdraws from a course with a partial tuition charge, the course fee will not be refunded. 

I forgot to opt-out and missed the deadline. Can I get a refund now?

No. Opt-out forms for course fee refunds will not be accepted past the deadline of the last day to drop/add classes.

I changed my mind and I want to opt back in to Cengage Unlimited. What do I do?

You can use the Cengage Unlimited Opt-back-in form to return to the program.

Can I purchase a physical textbook?

Cengage Unlimited Inclusive Access gives you complimentary access to 4 hardcopy textbook rentals each semester (maximum 8 per year) by paying a $9.99 S&H cost for each book. Students who opt-out of the Cengage Unlimited program do not have access to this discounted rental option. Book vouchers cannot be used for the book rental program.

For more information about the Cengage Unlimited subscription please see the following links:

  • Cengage Techcheck site to show current status of Cengage sites and platforms
  •  If you have general inquiries about the course itself, please contact your instructor directly.
  • Still need help, contact the Campus Store  616-554-4767 or bookstore@davenport.edu.