Buy/Rent/Sell Your Books

Buy Books

During the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 semesters, books will be phased out of our Lettinga Bookstore location. After this occurs, very limited titles will be available in-store and most ordering will be done online. 

Online Bookstore

  1. Simple and seamless access to all course materials, for all our classes, all in one place

  2. 24/7/365 access for placing your order

  3. eBooks, access codes and digital content available by the first day of class

  4. New, used, and rental books and other items shipped to your preferred address

  5. Email notifications when your order is received, shipped and delivered

  6. Order history with shipping and tracking information

  7. Payment by school-approved voucher and/or credit card

  8. Comprehensive Help Center including FAQs and Customer Support

Book Rentals

Book Rental may be an option to use to save on your textbook cost. Book rental is available with our textbook partner at the  Online Bookstore. Textbook rental allows you to use the book for the term or semester and return the book back to the vendor.

Check on book rentals.


  • Keep in mind your book must be returned on time to avoid additional charges

  • You must supply credit card information as security to rent a book

  • You can receive a prepaid return label by logging into your rental account to obtain the label

  • You may not use a book voucher to rent a book

  • Book rentals are from a third-party vendor

Sell Books

You can sell your used textbooks back anytime 24/7 during the year through the Online Bookstore.

It’s Fast, Smart and Easy! 

  1. Visit the Online Bookstore and click BUYBACKS

  2. Enter the book’s ISBN (the 13-digit identifier) and click CHECK VALUE to learn the book’s value

  3. Click ADD to build a shopping cart to sell your books

  4. Repeat to add all the books you want to sell

  5. Click CONTINUE, complete the form and click SUBMIT to get a Packing Slip and Free Shipping Label

  6. Box your books and include the PACKING SLIP inside, attach the FREE SHIPPING LABEL to the outside and ship

  7. Online Bookstore will process your textbook sell-back and SEND YOU A CHECK!

  8. For more information go to the Online Bookstore


  1. The Online Bookstore will buy back items that are in good condition: no missing pages, torn covers, or excessive underlining/highlighting.
  2. You may get a percentage of what you paid for your book which is determined by the demand of the book. The bookstore does not determine what is paid for your used book, it depends on how many books are needed for the following semester.
  3. Be Early! Don't wait to sell your books. Typically the highest amount paid is early in the buyback when the supply of the book is low. Publishers may come out with a new edition of the book and your old edition will not be worth as much.
  4. If you don't get any money for your book, you may want to hang onto it and try to sell again next semester. There may be another school now using the book and our service may need to buy it to offer them used books.
  5. Keep all of the CD's and/or any other materials that came with your book and include with your buyback shipment.