Take control of your path to graduation.

DegreePlan is an advising tool that will help you keep track of your classes and map out your time here at Davenport University.

Have you been wondering...

DegreePlan - click here!

•    Did I get my transfer credit awarded from another institution?
•    Did my articulation credits come through from high school?
•    What is my major GPA?
•    What courses do I need to take next year?
•    How many more classes do I need to graduate?

You can instantly access your individual academic curriculum and history with DegreePlan.
DegreePlan is a live audit of your academic history at Davenport University – it lists all of your curriculum requirements including courses completed, courses currently being taken, and transfer credit.  It also lists your advisor, overall GPA, major GPA, academic standing, and applied credits towards the graduation requirements.
Want to get started?

  1. Go to DegreePlan to view your program curriculum.
  2. For frequently asked questions, click on the HELP bar located within DegreePlan.
  3. If you have any questions about your information in DegreePlan, please contact your Advisor.