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Certiport certifications are valuable, professional credentials which are globally recognized standards for digital literacy and desktop computing proficiency.  For more information, check out the certifications tab on the Certiport web site.

Exams Offered:



Candidates who have not registered or tested with Certiport before need to register on the Certiport web site to create a user name and password for the day of testing.  

To schedule a testing appointment:

Certiport exams are offered at the Grand Rapids W. A. Lettinga, Lansing, Midland and Warren campuses.  Check the DU Testing Hours and click on the link below to schedule an appointment:

 Online Appointment Request


You must purchase a voucher for your Certiport exam. You may purchase your voucher anywhere that Certiport vouchers are sold, or you may purchase a discounted voucher from Davenport (MOS exams ONLY) by clicking on the "BUY A VOUCHER" button below. 

Candidates are required to pay a seat fee of $25 for Davenport students/staff/alumni or $40 for non-Davenport candidates.  Candidates who purchase a MOS voucher from Davenport do NOT need to pay a seat fee.


MOS vouchers w/retake:

$100 for Davenport students/staff/alumni- for 2 attempts

$115 for non-Davenport candidates- for 2 attempts

 BUY A Voucher

After you have purchased a voucher, you will receive an email within two business days with your voucher number. 

ID on Day of Testing:

Candidates must present a government issued photo ID, such as a passport, state-issued driver’s license, state-issued ID card, etc., on day of testing.  Candidates will not be tested if they fail to present appropriate ID.

ADA Accommodations:

Certiport and its Authorized Testing Centers require advance notification of requests for accommodation(s) as well as a reasonable amount of time to review and implement such requests.   For more information click here.

Military Candidates:

Microsoft, with assistance from the U.S. Department of Labor in a liaison role, and local workforce areas, offers U.S. military veterans and their eligible spouses vouchers for no-cost IT skills training and certification.

Study Resources:

From Certiport - Self-assessments, practice tests, and sample exams are available under Exam Preparation on the Certiport web site. Visit the Certiport web site for additional information.

To receive course credit for a Certiport exam:

  1. Log on to your Certiport account at and select the “Test Candidate” page to view.
  2. Next, go to “My Transcript Page”.  On your transcript page there will be two options to view your transcripts and they are “Personal View” and Authorized View”.
  3. Select “Authorized View” and you will be given the option to enter email addresses for the recipients that you authorize to have access to your official results.
  4. On that screen, type in the email address for your advisor and for the Central Registrar  Your Advisor and the Registrar will receive email notifications from Certiport to view and record your official transcript.