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How it Works

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Davenport’s international programs will continue to expand into locations and disciplines that will be relevant to all students.  Whether their interest is in Spanish, International Business, Global Economics or simply to understand other cultures and appreciate new global perspectives, study abroad is for all students and is an imperative for our interactive global world.


How It Works 

Students should explore which type of study abroad appeals to them -- short-term summer programs or longer-term semester or year abroad programs -- and whether they want to study abroad with a group of DU students and faculty or more independently. If it is most important to study in a particular area of the world, then students can start there and discover what might be available.  Study Abroad  programs are academic programs and students earn credit while participating in them. It is possible, therefore, to use university financial aid for support if eligible.

It is best to contact the Office of Experiential Learning at the Lettinga Campus for more information. From there, the staff can help students understand what options are available and how to go about pursuing them.    

Contact the following individuals for more information about study abroad:

Dr. Wayne Sneath, Director: Office of Experiential Learning