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Finance Your Experience
“International experience needs to be a component of every student’s education equipping them for 21st century careers and for global citizenship.”

Allan Goodman - President and CEO of the Institute for International Education, Allan Goodman

Financial Assistance for Study Abroad

Many types of financial aid may be used to offset the costs of study abroad, such as loans, scholarships and grants. Davenport also provides study abroad grants for eligible students participating in its short-term programs.  Students currently receiving financial aid may continue using it for short-term programs as well as for semester- and year-long programs. 

To learn about accessing financial aid and of your eligibility, you must contact a Financial Aid Counselor.  A counselor will review the costs of your specific program and, based on your own financial circumstances, will determine your eligibility for aid. 

Plan Early!

It is important to plan early. While many students do not study abroad until their sophomore, junior or senior years, planning as early as your freshman year enables you and your financial aid counselor to monitor your loans and ensure that when your opportunity arrives, you will have access to enough aid.

To help you plan early, there are several choices to assist with the cost of your study abroad experience. Browse the selections below for more information.


Various Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to the regular financial aid package for which you may be eligible, some additional assistance specifically for study abroad may be possible. Below are some other forms of financial assistance that may be available to you.  

Dr. Jacqueline Taylor Endowment for semester, year-long, and short term study programs - more information
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship for undergraduate semester or year study (must be Pell Grant recipient) (
National Security Education Program (NSEP) for undergraduates studying in regions critical to U.S. interests (
Fulbright U.S. Student Program international graduate study, teaching, research (
GlobaLinks Scholarships GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Scholarship for Students of Diversity (
Boren Awards for students to study less commonly taught languages (
AIFS Scholarships for participants in American Institute For foreign Study (AIFS) Programs
Study Abroad Director
Wayne Sneath, Ph.D.