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10 Tips for Parents

Helping Your Student Succeed

We are excited that your student chose Davenport University! As a parent or family member, you can be a positive contributor to his or her personal and academic development and success. Here are a few tips from our more than 140 years of experience, to help you find the right level of support for you and your student! Questions? Contact us. We're happy to help.

Tip 1: Create a stay-in-touch plan
Whether it is a weekly phone call, email, or even a coffee visit if you live nearby, make a conscious plan to touch base at the same time each week. It will soon become something look forward to for both of you!

Tip 2: Visit
Be enthusiastic about the new experiences your student encounters. Visit often, and ask them to show you the cafe or the bookstore, the fitness facilities, whatever might interest them. Attend Davenport-friendly events like Family Weekend and athletic events. You'll feel more connected to your child and the DU experience!

Tip 3: Ask Questions
Part of the college transition to adulthood is that your child will be making their own decisions. Sometimes these decisions will not be what you would have done, or expected. Ask questions and look for aspects that  show your support of their new independence, rather than critiquing.

Tip 4: Be Patient.
Be patient as they learn from decision making. Trust that your son or daughter know what they are doing. Remember that they are living the experience, and they do know more than you do about that experience. Let it happen.

Tip 5: Listen
Your son or daughter will be experiencing a new transition and encountering new ideas and possibilities. Some days they may want to call you about a problem they are experiencing. Be open to listening to your son and daughter and do everything in your power NOT to give advice unless they ask for it. You might be surprised that not offering makes them ask.

Tip 6: Empower
Empower and motivate your student to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves, even when it's tough.

Tip 7: Understand
Expect that your student may have a tough time during this transition. Remind them of their strengths and help them be realistic about their weaknesses, without giving in to them. Encourage them to learn more about themselves and develop positive problem solving skills for the future.

Tip 8: Help Students Deal with Change
Students will not only be learning more about themselves, but they will meet different students who come from different backgrounds, religions and cultures. College is a time for students to experience new things and new people. Help your students by being a positive role model. They may have difficult questions for you in which they will want an answer.

Tip 9: Encourage
Encourage your student to grow and make the most of their college experience. Remind them it will be over before they know it, so they should do everything they can!  Let them decide on their major and enjoy their journey.

Tip 10: Let Go
Let go and watch how your student will grow into the adult you knew they would be! Letting go does not by any means show that you do not care. It shows your student that you trust them.