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Panther Resource Closet

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If you are a DU Student in need of food, hygiene products, or other resources, visit this link -- --or visit the Panther Resource Closet on the Lower Level of the Academic Building near the main elevator.

The Panther Resource Closet (PRC) officially opened January 2018 at the W.A. Lettinga Campus. The PRC stocks unopened non-perishable food items, personal hygiene products, and new or gently used professional clothing that is in style, clean, and in good condition. The closet is designed to provide these resources free of charge to all enrolled students who might need them. The PRC is located on the lower level of the academic building near the main elevator.


Students will be able to access the PRC whenever the Academic Bulding is open, meaning students will be able to take what they need, whether it's food, hygiene items, or professional clothing. If a student needs something more specific or they're having trouble locating something, they can fill out the request/accomodation form above, which is also posted around the PRC. We also have some donated over the counter medications (flu/cold, NSAIDs, etc.) available in the Center for Campus Life that students can request.

Currently, there are snack packs and assorted food items on a shelf in front of the PRC. Items from snack packs that students did not end up using can be returned to the basket sitting on top of the PRC pack station. Please do not dig through packs, but instead choose one and return unused items later. If there are items that you need that are not included in these packs, or if you need special accomodations, utilize the link above to fill out a form.

All Davenport University students are able to access this resource! If a student is enrolled at a DU campus other than W.A. Lettinga, they may fill out a request form and items can be shipped to them. 


We are at limited capacity for processing donations and are more than stocked on several items. For this reason...


  • Food items (preferably items that DO NOT require a stovetop/oven)

  • NEW, UNUSED hygiene items (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, shaving products, deodorant, etc.

  • School supplies (folders, notebooks, pens, etc.)

  • Coupons and gift cards for services and stores in the area (haircuts, groceries, fast food, etc.)


  • Travel-sized/sample-sized toiletries that have been used

  • Clothing items and accessories

  • Sauce packets, silverware, etc.

**If you would like to donate items not included in the list of what we are accepting or would like to make a large donation, you must contact the PRC Coordinator, who can be reached at or


The Impact of the PRC

In just one year of being officially open, the PRC received an estimated $5,423 worth of donated items to keep the closet stocked. Over 1,959 hygiene products, 1,804 food items, & 406 clothing garments were used by DU students during Winter 2018-Fall 2018 semesters.


How Do I Use the PRC?

Students currently enrolled with Davenport University may access the closet whenever they are in need. The PRC is available to students during the academic building's business hours. If you are a student and would like to request a specific item, please fill out the request form at the bottom of this page. Davenport students not attending the W.A. Lettinga campus are also eligible to utilize the PRC, and can request resources by emailing or utilizing this link--

Can I Donate to the PRC?

The PRC operates strictly on donations from individuals, department drives, and community groups. If your department would like to do a drive, please contact Please see our list of updates before making individual donations to the Panther Resource Closet, as some things have changed.To learn what items the PRC is currently in need of, contact to inquire about our current Amazon Wishlist and ongoing efforts to leverage donations to support the Panther Resource Closet. You can also make monetary donations online by clicking here.

Can Students Volunteer in the PRC?

Traditionally, the PRC is always looking for student volunteers to assist with general maintenance, restock, monthly inventory, tabling for events to raise awareness about the PRC, assistance in facilitating Career Fair mobile racks, and other activities throughout the academic year. However, at this point the PRC is limiting volunteer opportunities to ongoing volunteer commitments, meaning that the PRC is only taking volunteers that plan to volunteer on an ongoing basis. All information, training, and/or materials needed will be provided by the Volunteer Center in the Center for Campus Life.For all volunteer inquires, email or stop in at the Center for Campus Life.

Can I Use VTO in the PRC? 

At this time, the PRC is limiting volunteer opportunities to ongoing volunteer commitments. If you would like to volunteer with the PRC on an ongoing basis, email or contact the PRC Coordinator at or at her office located in the Center for Campus Life. 

Have Questions? Contact the Panther Resource Closet 

Panther Resource Closet
Shannon Ford - Campus Compact AmeriCorps Member
(616) 554-5047

For additional resources in the Grand Rapids area, click this link.