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Student Testimonials

"It got me excited and prepared to take on the year with a positive mindset." - Allison Miedzielec, Sparta, MI

"The people, the memories, changing lives, the love, the energy is why I love Prowl! Getting to do it again is why I love Prowl even more." - Connor Schilling, Holland, MI
"I love the way that everybody leaves their past behind and learns to make new friends. People are all on the same page and are mostly willing to accept people for who they are." - Caleb Adrianson, Jenison, MI
"Panther Prowl is one of the best things about DU. So many great and fun memories were made that will be with me for the rest of my life. It gets you out of your comfort zone and gets you meeting people you may not have 
before. I enjoyed my experience with Panther Prowl and have had a blast being a Pack Leader!! #DUhypehype #getwheretheworldisgoing." - Carleigh Burkhardt, Ada, MI
"It made DU a second home for me. As someone who did not know a single soul here, Prowl helped me meet a lot of the friends I have today!" - Marissa Beadle
"I love the moments when we get to facilitate moments of solidarity between students who are just meeting (i.e. Delatorro). I just love the community that starts during Prowl and grows and spreads throughout the rest of the year." - Breanna Wallace, Grand Haven, MI
"Prowl is an experience like none other, it's truly a one of a kind experience." - Samuel Katon, Chelsea, MI
"The vibes was awesome, I felt welcome everywhere I went and with everyone I met." - Mireya Briceno
"Panther Prowl as a whole has changed from who I was in high school to who I wanted to be in college. From what I've learned, I can say I will be leaving college next year with zero regrets and countless memories." - Trisha Madura
"It's an opportunity to meet  bunch of amazing people. It's also a fun, high energetic couple of does that introduces you to life here at DU." - Olivia Hildenbrand
"I love Prowl because it offers an opportunity for incoming students to get acquainted with other students along with the campus. I then love Prowl because it presents the opportunity to step up and be a leader and make a difference in someone's life." - Kerri Burnside,
"Prowl is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that allows you to make new friends and create lifelong memories that will impact your life forever. (Yes, I just said "life", 3x in one sentence!)" - Schylar Miller,
"I love meeting new people and being a part of a new experience for incoming freshman! Letting people truly come into the new school year with an idea of who you really are." - Rylie Stiles,
"It's the best first step to create a successful experience in the journey known as college. Also.. it's really fun!" - Tyler Maddox, Caledonia, MI
"It brings the entire campus together even before the semester starts." - Corey Westenbroek, Holland, MI
"Transitioning from high school to college is one of the more challenging parts of life. Prowl makes this time more fun and less stressful. I enjoyed being a packlet and then a pack leader. You learn so much more about yourself and others during Prowl. I have made some of the best memories during Prowl." - Nicole Gamby, Hamilton, MI
"I love that it provides new and current students the chance to meet new people and make a positive difference in their lives. I think it will allow me to have a new perspective and grow as a person." - Walker Aurand,
"Prowl has taught me that sometimes you just have to jump in and go for it, which is why I love it. It has taught me how to get out of my comfort zone!" - Melanie Ryles, Allen Park, MI
"Prowl made me get out of my comfort zone and have no regrets when it comes to meeting new people." - Meagan Kelley, Dansville, MI

"Panther Prowl is an awesome experience which brings out amazing sides of people. It is the best thing and most favorite thing I've been involved in at Davenport!" - Cayley Duddles, Coopersville, MI