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What kind of fun activities will I participate in at Panther Prowl?

By attending Panther Prowl you will have the opportunity to meet over four hundred other first year students! You will also participate in interactive events and speakers; get comfortable with campus; learn tips from seasoned upperclassmen that will help you in college; participate in social activities; and much more!!!

How do I know where to go during Panther Prowl?

Every participant will be assigned to a group of other first year students. This group will be lead by a Pack Leader, who is a current DU student. The Pack Leader will lead the group through all the Panther Prowl activities and events. The participant will also receive a guidebook to help them find times/locations of the events! 

When can I register for Panther Prowl?

Registration is now open! To register for Panther Prowl: please visit the registration page here and follow the instructions to join us for the fun events we have planned during Panther Prowl.

Is there a deadline for registration?

Yes! All registrations must be completed online by August 16th. 

When will I receive my confirmation for Panther Prowl?

After you submit your online registration form, you will receive an instant confirmation page. A confirmation email will also be sent to your DU e-mail account.

Where should I call to arrange accommodation for a disability?

To make accommodations, please call the Center for Campus Life at (616) 554-5095.

Can my parents sign me up for the program?

Attending Panther Prowl is one of the first important choices you can make as you begin your college career. The choice should be yours with the support of your parents. Students must complete the Panther Prowl registration form here on their own using their Davenport University Student ID.

What if I can't participate in certain portions of the program?

Since you are required to attend all events, you must talk to your Pack Leader to be excused. 

What if I have an emergency and am unable to participate after registering for Panther Prowl?

If you have an emergency, which will not allow you to participate in Panther Prowl, please contact us at (616) 554-5095.

What should I bring?

YOURSELF!! No extra items needed for Panther Prowl. Feel free to check out the Housing and Residence Life page to find helpful tips on what to bring with you this year! 

Will I be in my permanent residence hall assignment?

Yes; If living on campus, you will move into your residence hall room to which you are assigned for the fall semester.

Do I have to live on campus to participate in Panther Prowl?

No, Panther Prowl is open to all students at Davenport University!

Can transfer students participate in Panther Prowl?

YES! Transfer students are welcome and highly encouraged to participate in Panther Prowl to meet other students and form new friendships early on.

Where do I check in for Panther Prowl?

Participants will receive relevant check in details in August. Upon check-in, participants will be given their Prowl Pack information and schedule. For students living on campus, they will also receive their room assignments.

Where should I park my car during Panther Prowl?

During Panther Prowl, you may park in any of the student lots on campus.

Will there be a vegetarian option at meals?

Yes, Davenport University Dining always provides vegetarian options for students in the dining hall where we eat all our meals. 

What is a Pack Leader?

A Pack Leader is a current Davenport University student. These students volunteer their time during Panther Prowl to serve as peer leaders and mentors for small groups of first-year participants. Their role is to help you get better aquatinted with campus, other first-year students, and DU faculty and staff.

Who do I contact if I have a question or concern?

If you have questions concerning the Panther Prowl program, please send an email to, or call us at (616) 554-5095, Monday–Friday, from 8am - 5pm.