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Student Employment

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The goal of the Student Employment Office is to provide DU students the opportunity to “Earn Where You Learn”. The Student Employment Program will provide real-world experience, which can be referenced on applications and resumes. Students are given the opportunity to work in a professional environment, where they gain valuable hands-on experience that gives meaning and understanding to classroom learning.

Quick Facts About Working At DU!

  • Davenport University typically employees 250-300 students each year.
  • Studies have shown that students who work between 10-15 hours per week show an increase in skills like time management and working on campus often correlates with a higher GPA.
  • Did you know that student employees working at DU are exempt from paying FICA taxes? So what does that mean for you? It means you will earn $.70 per hour extra than you would working in an off campus position! Therefore, earning $9.50 working at DU would be like earning $10.20 elsewhere… without the hassle of leaving campus!

Preparing to Find a Job

Overview of hiring process at DU

The following process for Student Employment at Davenport University mirrors best practices. When entering into a job search, it is very important to monitor and respond to any phone calls or emails in a timely manner. Document the email account and the password created for each job site you use to apply as you may need to electronically sign forms. Many companies use automated emails within the application system to electronically collect acceptance of offer, consent form(s), new hire paperwork and communicate next steps.
See Hiring Process Flow Chart

Cover Letter and Resume

It is important that you have a resume and a cover letter prepared if you would like to work on campus, as this is required when you apply for a position. If you need assistance creating a resume and cover letter, please visit the Career Services office on your campus.

• Additional Resources available on the Career Services Website.

Work Authorization

Whether you are planning on working on campus or off you will need to complete an I9 on your first day of employment At that time you will have to provide documents that prove you are authorized to work in the United States. The complete list of acceptable documents can be found here but some examples of commonly used documents to complete an I-9 are:
• Unexpired U.S. Passport OR
• Unexpired Driver’s License AND original U.S. Social Security Card OR
• Unexpired Driver’s License AND original/certified Birth Certificate.

Find a Job

Davenport University provides work opportunities for students through the two following programs: The Federal Work Study program (FWS) which is need-based, as determined by the FAFSA, and the Student Employment Program (SEP) which is not need-based.

Types of Employment

Federal Work Study

Students must work with the Office of Financial Aid to determine if they qualify for the FWS program. Learn more about FWS or contact the Financial Aid Office at

Institutional Student Employment Program

If you do not qualify for the Federal Work Study program you may still be able to find on-campus employment through Davenport University’s student employment program. This includes International Students.

FWS Community Service-Off Site

Davenport University has partnered with various non profit organizations throughout the state provide employment opportunities for FWS eligible students who would like to work and gain valuable job experience while attending college

Apply Now

I have been hired, what is next?

If you are hired for a position on campus you must complete your online paperwork on your start date, which is provided to you on your offer letter even if you are not scheduled to work that day.  

I9 Form

The I9 form, or Employment Eligibility Verification, is used to verify the identity and legal authorization to work of all paid employees in the United States. Refer to "Your Action Items" within Empower U for more details. Original, unexpired documents for the I-9 form. No scans, copies or faxes can be used. The complete list of acceptable documents can be found here but some examples of commonly used documents to complete an I-9 are:
      • Unexpired U.S. Passport OR
      • Unexpired Driver’s License AND original U.S. Social Security Card OR
      • Unexpired Driver’s License AND original/certified Birth Certificate

W4 Forms

Fill out the W4 forms so your employer can withhold the correct federal, states, and local taxes from your pay. Please see the DU Payroll webpage for the correct forms. YOU MUST fill out at least the federal and state forms. Refer to "Your Action Items" within Empower U for more details.

Payroll / Direct Deposit Information

All employees are encouraged to participate in direct deposit.  Use this form to setup or request a change in your direct deposit Information. Refer to "Your Action Items" within Empower U for more details

What is expected of me as a student employee?

Below are some highlights of what is expected of you as a student employee, however please review the full Employee Handbook for all University policies.

Terms of Employment

• As a student employee you will be paid on an hourly basis for actual hours worked. There are no paid vacation days, paid sick days, or holiday pay. Jury duty is not compensated. Student employees are not covered under unemployment insurance. They are however covered by workers’ compensation (what is this?).
• You are paid on a bi-weekly basis by check or direct deposit. Refer to the hourly payroll schedule for dates. 
• In order to remain eligible for student employment you must:
    -Be enrolled at least half time (6 cr. Hours for Undergrad – 3 cr. Hours for Graduate).
    -Meet the Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) and be a student in good standing.

Your continued employment in your position depends on your how well you perform, as evaluated by your supervisor. For example, supervisors will be looking at attendance, work quality, and professionalism.

Key Points to Remember:

• As a student employee you represent Davenport University and are a valued partner with the faculty, staff, and other student workers.
• Our key stakeholders; other students, parents, visitors, faculty, staff, and co-workers depend on you doing your job to the best of your ability everyday.
• The skills and experiences you learn on the job can be used when transitioning into future employment. It helps build your confidence, work ethic, and valued characteristics such as flexibility, punctuality, teamwork, time management, and follow-through.
• Davenport is committed to your success as a student employee and strives to provide professional development opportunities.
• You are more than “just a worker” - you are important, valued, and needed for the success of DU.

Attendance and Scheduled Breaks:

• You are required to show up for your scheduled shift unless the supervisor is aware of your unavailability, other people depend on you to show up for work and be on time.
• If you are not going to make a shift, email or call your supervisor in advance so they are aware. Not wanting to come into work is not an excuse.
• We do understand as a student school comes first. If there is a foreseeable conflict with work and school communicate this with your supervisor so adjustments to your schedule can be made. Please understand that certain student positions will have less schedule flexibility than others.
• Breaks are scheduled as following:
      -Students may take one fifteen minute break for each shift of 4 hours or longer.
      -When working a shift of 6 hours or longer, students must take one 30 minute unpaid lunch break.

Etime Instructions

• Davenport uses the ADP Training System.
• Be sure to clock in and out during each shift. If there is a mistake in your timesheet or a change must be made, communicate with your supervisor before the end of the pay period.
• It is your responsibility to accurately and honestly complete your timesheet. Falsifying a timecard is a serious offense that could result in disciplinary action up to termination. In addition, “clocking in” or “clocking out” for another employee or having another employee do so on your behalf is considered falsifying a timecard and is also a serious offense that could result in discipline up to and including termination
• Student positions are scheduled a minimum of 10 hours per week with a maximum of 20 hours per week based on the work schedule you and your supervisor determine. Be aware that some positions may not require the full 20 hours so check with your supervisor to understand what their need is
• At the end of the pay period, as long as there is no necessary changes, be sure to approve your timecard. For further information on approving your timecard please see HERE.

Disciplinary Actions

Your performance, attendance, or professional conduct falls below acceptable standards you will receive warnings by your supervisor. Your failure to meet expectations will also show on your evaluations. Keep in mind if the offense is great enough you may be faced with immediate termination. However, the general rule of thumb for warnings is as follows
• Verbal Warning – This is used for minor or first offense. Your manager will explain the purpose of conversation at the time of the meeting, invite you to discuss your perspective to the situation, and help set up expectations to help you improve.
• Written Warning – This is used when the verbal warning does not correct an issue within a reasonable amount of time or if the offense is so serious in nature that it warrants an immediate write-up.
• Final Warning – This is used for a repeated failure to correct performance, attendance, and/or conduct issue as discussed or for a single major/ serious offense. A final warning may include unpaid suspension and ultimately termination of employment.

Dress Code: What do I Wear?

• Another common question from student employees is, what is dress code? Depending on the position what is acceptable to wear may be different. For most positions business casual is acceptable. For an example of what business casual looks like refer HERE.
• If you are unsure of the dress code expectations, please talk with your supervisor to confirm.

Proper Work Etiquette

• Social interaction with friends while working should be kept at a minimum. Refrain from discussing personal matters with co-workers while customers are around.
• Use of personal computers and cellular devices will vary so check with your supervisor to see what their policy is.
• HOMEWORK POLICY: While working you should be doing work related tasks. If you finish tasks early ask your supervisor for other projects you can help with. Only work on homework when there is nothing else you can help with and your supervisor approves.
• Use discretion when interrupting conversations or meetings. If you really must talk with this person, politely knock or slip a note to them. Say something like, "My apologies for interrupting." Then quickly ask your question or share information that is pressing. This strategy should only be used if the situation is urgent.
• Keep all office information confidential. As a student employee, you might have access to sensitive records such as addresses, financial records, test scores, grades, and many others. If your student position involves FERPA information please review the link to learn more.

I am an International Student, can I work on campus?

International Students can work on campus as long as the student is enrolled at least half time.

I have been offered a position, can I start working right away?

• Before you can begin working you must first apply for a social security card at the Social Security Administration, unless you already have applied and received one previously.
• You will need to bring a few items with you to the SS Administration:
      -Your Offer Letter, which can be printed via your applicant profile.
      -SSN Application completed. The SSN Application Form and Instructions (add PDF) are available online
      -Original I-94 card
      -Original I-20
• Once you have received the SS card in the mail you will need to let the HR office know, and also complete the Background Authorization form, which was assigned in your applicant profile. This form requires a SS number, so you will not be able to complete this prior to receiving your card.
• Once approved to begin working you will receive an email notification that you are approved to start and a start date will be provided.

Completing the I9

• On your first day you will need to provide documents showing you are authorized to work, items you will need to bring with you on your first day are as follows:
      -Original I-94 card or printout from I-94 site.
      -Original I-20

Social Security Administration Location Information

The office hours: 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Wednesday: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED

Contact Information:
Toll Free: 877-319-5710
Location: 3045 Knapp St. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

W4 Forms

• Form W4 helps us as your employer determine how much money you would like withheld from each of your paychecks. You will still be required to file your taxes each year that you earned taxable income in the US prior to the tax deadline of April 15th. Tax Filing Assistance is available through our VITA program at the WA Lettinga Campus. To set up an appointment with a tax preparer please go to taxhelp appointment.
• F-1 students are NOT 100% exempt from paying taxes. If you earn taxable income through student employment, you will have taxes deducted from each of your paycheck and must then file a tax return to determine if you are obligated to pay .
• You may receive a refund if you paid more to the IRS during the tax year (January 1-December 31). If you paid just enough you would not owe the IRS, but you would also not receive a refund. You will owe the IRS money if you did not have enough taxes taken out throughout the year.
• It is very important the you file your taxes each year as filling them out incorrectly or failure to do so can result in penalties, interest being charged and possibly and a possible audit by the IRS. Failure to file or filing incorrectly can also impact future VISA requests in the US in regards to and H1-B Visa, or status changes such as Lawful Permanent Resident. During the application process for and H1-B Visa and Permanent Resident Status, tax forms are reviewed.