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Panther Recreation & Intramural Sports

Enjoy Recreation Activities and Intramural Sports

The mission of Panther Recreation is to continue our dedication to provide educational tools for success, while providing health and fitness opportunities along with social and recreational events. It is our goal to encourage our students to choose a healthy lifestyle, while learning leadership and networking skills. 

Intramural Sports and Leisure Events (year round sign ups):

Sign-ups sheets are available at the bottom of the page.



Recreational Events

Dodge Ball

Video Game Nights/Wii Wednesdays

Coffee House Singers

Indoor and Beach volleyball

Midnight bowling

Annual Pistons Trip

Movie Nights

Ultimate Frisbee


Ping pong Tournaments

Annual Red Wings Trip

Bocce Ball Tournaments

Murder Mystery Night

Flag Football

Casino Nights

Billiards Nights/Tournaments

Powder Puff Football/SnowBowl Football

Chili Cook-Off


Super Bowl Party

March Madness Party

Kick Ball

Annual 5k Fall Crawl

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It is our responsibility to have coaches sign off on the participation of their athletes.  This is to release Panther Recreation of liability and it makes coaches aware there is a risk if their athlete participates in our intramural sports.

Note: Club/JV/Varsity level must have the Varsity Athlete Release signed by coach prior to participating.

Questions or Comments?

Do you have an idea of an event you would like to participate in, a suggestion you would like to make to Panther Recreation, or a question?  Email us at