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Severe Weather Policy

Time of Decisions

  • Morning cancellations will be announced by 6 a.m.
  • Afternoon cancellations will be announced by 10 a.m.
  • Evening class cancellations will be announced by 3 p.m.

Severe Weather
Class Cancellation/Campus Closing Policy

Severe winter weather may come in many forms consisting of snow, ice, and wind. Generally, each one individually does not result in the cancellation of classes but occasionally the severe combination of all three may cancel classes or possibly close a campus.

Our students are being trained to work in our communities. Businesses rarely close due to weather related issues. Davenport will rarely close or cancel classes.

Decision Process

  • The recommendation to cancel classes or close a campus will be made by the campus leader along with advice from the academic leadership. 
  • Information regarding the conditions of the weather can generally be determined by contacting facilities and Public Safety who may be on site. Use of the internet is also encouraged for weather information. ( There is an expectation that the recommendation be made with the help of others
  • In the chart below you can find criteria that can be used to make this recommendation. These criteria will be used to explain to faculty, staff and students why classes were cancelled. This information will also be tracked by the E.D. of Risk Management to help obtain an understanding under what conditions classes are generally canceled so decisions can become easier in the future.
Description Example
Current length of storm 4 or more hours
Additional anticipated storm length 4 or more hours
Strength of wind 21 mph or more
Visibility 0.25 miles
Wind chill -30
Current snowfall 8 in. or above
Future anticipated snowfall 4 in. or above
Ice coverage Any
Area college/universities closed Yes
Roads closed by State Police Yes
  • A request to cancel classes will be given to the E.D. of Risk Management by the Campus Leader.  This request will contain details related to the above chart.  The E.D. of Risk Management will contact the Executive V.P. of Finance by 5:30 am with bullet points about the weather conditions of the affected campus.  The E.V.P. of Academics/Provost will be contacted on a consultant basis as time allows to provide input on class cancellation.  The Executive V.P. of Finance will contact the President for final approval.
  • The process to close a location will be the same as above, however the E.V.P for Organizational Development, the E.D. of Risk Management, the E.V.P of Finance must concur with the decision before the President is contacted. 

Questions and Complaints

  • Questions and complaints from faculty, staff or students regarding the decision to cancel classes or close a campus should be sent to the E.D. of Risk Management.