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Emergency Preparedness Drills

Emergency Preparedness Drills

In an effort to ensure Davenport University is prepared for emergency situations, the Risk Management team is committed to educating the DU community about what to do in an emergency. Should a disaster ever occur at a DU campus, it is our hope that education, resources and awareness will help mitigate potentially devastating outcomes. As part of the comprehensive training plan for the university, the Risk Management team will conduct Phase Two of the Response to Violence: Active Shooter series. The drill will test your response skills and knowledge in mock emergency situations at your home campus.

If you would like to test your knowledge, you are required to complete the Active Shooter Preparation training via:




For further preparation, it is recommended you look through the Active Shooter Guidelines.

Phase Two of the Response to Violence: Active Shooter series will take place at various DU campuses throughout the year. Schedules will be posted here and on eNews once dates are solidified.

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