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Cap and Gown Information

Cap and Gown Information

Davenport University approved cap, gown and stole/hood are required attire for all commencement ceremony participates.

Order your cap and gown items February 24-April 17, 2020 at

Order between February 24th and March 22nd for reduced pricing and free shipping with promo code GRAD20.

Undergraduate Items
Graduate Items
Certificate Items

Undergraduate candidates wear a red cap, red gown, stole and tassel.  Stole color is determined by degree or diploma:

Bachelor - Black
Associate - Platnimum
Diploma - White

Graduate Master degree candidates wear black cap, black gown, hood and tassel.  Hood color is deteremined by degree:

Accountancy - Drab (tan)
Business - Drab (tan)
Education - Light Blue
Management - Drab (tan)
Science - Gold
Science in Nursing - Apricot
Science Occupational Therapy - Slate Blue

Certificate candidates wear the following:

Post Graduate and Graduate Certificate - black cap, black graduate gown, red stole and tassel
Post Baccalaureate Certificate - red cap, red gown, black stole and tassel


Black Graduate Gown $32.00
Red Gown $28.00
Graduate Hood $30.00
Stole $20.00
Seal Tassel $4.99

Please note:  Gown Prices will increase after March 22, 2020. 

Please note:  Product availability cannot be guaranteed after March 22, 2020.