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Honor Cord Information

Approved Honor Cords

In addition to the stoles and hoods distributed by Davenport University, approved cords are the only adornment allowed worn over a graduate’s gown.  Davenport University has approved the following cords to be worn during the commencement ceremony:

Gold Honor Cords – Worn by Associate and Bachelor degree candidates who have earned “With Highest Honor” (cumulative GPA of 3.90 - 4.00).  Gold honor cords will automatically be included in the cap and gown orders at no additional charge for eligible graduates. 

Red Honor Cords – Worn by Bachelor and Master degree candidates of the Honor Accounting BBA/MAcc or BBA/MBA program.  Distributed by the program advisor.

Red, White and Blue Americana Honor Cords – Worn by Military and Veteran students.  Distributed by the military department.

Please contact each organization below for instructions on how to obtain the following approved honor cords.  Stoles are not approved for any organization.  

Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society inductees - Maroon, White and Roman Gold Cords

Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society inductees – Gold and Maroon Honor Cords

American Student Government Official – Royal Blue and Red Honor Cords

Chi Alpha Sigma Honor Society inductees - Gold and Black Honor Cords

College of Arts and Sciences Honor Society inductees – Black Honor Cords

Lambda Epsilon Chi (LEX) Honor Society inductees – Purple Honor Cords

National Society of Leadership and Success inductees – Black and Platinum Honor Cords

Nursing Honor Society inductees – Lavender Honor Cords

Sigma Beta Delta National Honor Society inductees – Forest Green and Gold Honor Cords

Student Nurses Associate Leaders – Blue and White Honor Cords

Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society inductees - Maroon and White Honor Cords

Upsilon Phi Delta Honor Society inductees - Crimson and Blue Honor Cords