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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Drives Decisions at DU

The University's strategic planning process incorporates environmental scanning, goal and target setting, establishing budgets, and developing action plans--all within the scope of the DU mission, vision, values, and key focus areas of Academic & Student Success, Financial Viability, Operational Excellence, and Workforce Engagement.  Decisions are driven by data relative to these areas. 

Davenport University conducts strategic planning through the Annual Planning Process (APP). The APP addresses the short term planning horizon (1 year) and is designed to establish university-wide goals, targets, and action plans for each Key Performance Indicator (KPI) on the University Balance Scorecard.

Additionally, continuous process improvement is threaded throughout all initiatives.  The University is integrating continuous quality improvement into its culture, language and mindset. There has been an emphasis on aligning existing systems around critical functions, using data on those critical functions to drive ongoing assessment and benchmarking, and to surface ongoing opportunities for improvement.