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Market Intelligence & Strategy

Davenport University strives to understand the market better than any other institution of higher education. The department of Market Intelligence provides data to decision-makers throughout DU in several key areas: 

  • Peer Group Comparisons
  • Competitor Tuition Rates
  • Market Share & Competitor Enrollment
  • Market Review Analysis by Program
  • Industry Reports by Program
  • Competitor Completion Trends


  • Interactive Student Maps
  • Map of Michigan Institutions

New Program Development

  • Michigan's Hot 50 Analysis
  • New Program Development – The First Stage... Market Review

Regional Program Data (Area-wide Population/Jobs/Higher Education)

  • Regional Comprehensive Market Review Analysis
  • Market Share, by Region and by Campus 
  • Enrollment Trends, by Region
  • Employers Data, by Campus
  • Unemployment Rates
  • Enrollment Trends, By US and MI
  • Competitor Tuition Rates, by MI
  • Demographics, Primary Service Area (PSA)
  • Demographics, Statistical Area (Metro, Micro)
  • Prosperity Region Fast Facts
  • Consumer Expenditure Reports


Environmental Scan (Moved to Strategic Planning Page)

  • Environmental Scan
  • Continuous Environmental Scan



Steven Stromp, Executive Director of Market Intelligence & Strategy


Heidi Karasiewicz, Research Analyst