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Institutional Research - IR

IR has data for you!

Institutional Research provides:

  • information
  • data analysis
  • evaluation for improvement, planning, and development.

As part of this mission, IR conducts annual as well as ad hoc surveys and reports that support all areas of the University.  These surveys and data reports supply trend analysis which may be used in decision-making toward quality improvements.

Some of the major projects in IR include the Data Book, Graduate Study, Employee Survey, Student Satisfaction Survey, IPEDs reporting, and many others--for both internal and external constituents.  Full-time, internal staff/faculty may obtain results of these University projects by using the menu to the right.  

DU IR follows the guidelines of the Association of Institutional Research CODE OF ETHICS AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE.
See this website for details:

Kathy Aboufadel, PhD
Vice President of Institutional Research & Effectiveness