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Project Intake Cycle

PM-Led and PI-Led Project Requests

In order to maximize the use of available DU resources, ensure that a project is in alignment with Davenport's Strategic Goals, and identify budgetary spending, if necessary, all project requests will follow the Project Intake Cycle. 

Project requests can be submitted by completing the Project Intake Form before February 11, 2022, close of business. Within two weeks of the completion of this form, a representative from the PMO will be in touch to schedule a follow-up interview. Please be sure to gain EVP approval before submitting your proposal. An EVP Approval Worksheet can help mock up your proposal.

Upon completion of the collection of data, a preliminary classification of the project will be assigned. 

Classifications of Projects

  • Program: A group of related projects assigned to a Project Manager.
  • PM-Led: A medium to a highly complex project requiring an assigned Project Manager.
  • PI-Led: A low to medium complex process improvement project requiring an assigned Process Improvement Representative.
  • Department-Led: A low complex, department-led project, that may consult with an assigned Process Improvement Representative. Please see below for more information regarding this classification.

More information, including examples, can be located on the Project Intake Cycle document or the Project Intake Cycle process map.

If at any point you would like to discuss your project proposal, please do not hesitate to contact the PMO at

To access the 2020-21 FY PM-Led and PI-Led Proposals, please visit this website (a login is required).

Department-Led Proposals

In order to ensure transparency across the University, all department-led projects are to be submitted in the Department-Led Project Intake Form. Once your submission is received and reviewed, the PMO Director will contact you to establish a schedule for updates to your project.

To access the department-led proposals submitted, please visit this Google Sheet.