Project Intake Cycle

Project Intake Process

The Davenport PMO office developed the Project Intake Cycle (PIC) to prioritize and schedule enterprise projects.  The Project Intake Cycle (PIC) is designed to coincide with the Fiscal Calendar.  Projects that require support from the PMO or Process Improvement Network are submitted between October and February to be considered for the upcoming fiscal year.  

To ensure transparency across the University, all department-led projects are submitted in the Department-Led Project Intake Form. Once your submission is received and reviewed, the PMO will contact you to establish a schedule for updates to your project.

New Project Requests submitted during the intake cycle period are reviewed by the Project Intake Steering Committee, followed by project review meetings with the appropriate IT and business stakeholders to develop a snapshot.  The snapshot is presented to the Executive Leadership Team for review, where projects are selected and prioritized for the upcoming fiscal year.

PIC Project Classification


PM or Project Manager led projects are of medium to high complexity requiring an assigned Project Manager.


PI or Process Improvement led projects are of low to medium complexity requiring an assigned Process Improvement Representative


Department-led projects are of low complexity that may consult with an assigned PI representative on an as-needed basis.