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Project Team Member Awards

Project Team Member Awards

"Doing the Right Projects Right"

The PMO manages 8-12 projects at any given time and their corresponding, cross-functional project teams. The individual contributions of all team members on each of these project teams is essential to the success of each project. Beginning with the start of fiscal year 2014, the PMO will recognize a team member each month that has made an outstanding contribution to the success of a PMO driven project. We give a special thank you to these individuals for their hard work and dedication.

February 2020

Eric Pung, Business Intelligence Engineer

WebFOCUS 8.2 Upgrade

The WebFOCUS 8.2 Upgrade project recently allowed DU resources the opportunity to upgrade WebFOCUS from version 8.1.5 to 8.2.6. This upgrade, while small in terms of versions, was a momentous task and would have not met its intended close without the assistance of Eric Pung. Eric serves as the Business Intelligence Engineer for the University and is a key developer and user of the WebFOCUS system. 

During the product upgrade, we recognized there would be some issues as we went live. WebFOCUS is comprised of 100’s, if not 1000’s of reports that would need to be tested and verified before a production release of the new system. Additionally, the tools to either deliver or serve up the reports also need to be verified to ensure a seamless transition. Unfortunately, due to a lack of resource availability and some issues with the upgrade, all rollouts did not go as planned. However, Eric played a major role in stepping in and working through issues with our Institutional Research Team and with our Executive Team. His efforts to volunteer and take on additional work, when not asked, did not go unnoticed. 

Eric’s selfless nature to help get the project through the door successfully is the epitome of what the PMO Team Member Award is given for. The project team couldn’t have got to the place they are without his efforts and willingness to step up. A big thank you to Eric Pung!

December 2019

Jon Lehner, Telecom Network Manager

Phone Upgrade

The Phone Upgrade Project moved Davenport from the legacy Nortel/Avaya system to the new central Cisco solution that would be able to scale as Davenport continues to grow. During the execution phases of this project, a lot of work had to go into not only supporting the old system as the team transitions to the new, but extensive testing and prep-work needed to be done many times during off-hours, late nights, and even on vacations. A lot of the work was to make sure that cutovers at each campus went smoothly and there were little interruptions and downtime; ensuring the best customer service to students, faculty, and staff. 

While serving as the Telco Manager, Jon Lehner has shown such commitment to not just the University, but also a high level of professionalism working with the many different vendors to ensure the phones are able to enhance the services and work being done here at Davenport. Making sure fax lines are moved over so that prospective students can send in their letters of intent, ensuring the call centers are able to support students in admissions, customer support, financial aid, and technical support, while also making sure all faculty and staff are able to get their voicemails to email so that no matter where they are they can be more responsive and better support their customers, Jon worked tirelessly. This project of moving over the 1300+ phones would not have been a success if it wasn't for the efforts put forth by Jon.

Therefore, the Project Management Office (PMO) would like to thank Jon for everything he has done for this project and for Davenport! Please join us in recognizing Jon for his efforts and congratulations on being presented with the Project Team Member Award!

August 2019

Bernice Ewing, Director of Accounting and Financial Manager

Bookstore Vendor Evaluation

Bernice Ewing did a fantastic job when she was asked to increase her role for the Bookstore Vendor Evaluation Project to review the revenue projections piece of the project. Her willingness and dedication to understanding what was needed for the outcome of the project, as well as for the University, truly made a big difference. She made a commitment to be available to sit in on all the Vendor Revenue Projection meetings during the busiest time (year-end), so she was aware of all the information being provided. Bernice demonstrated strong leadership and masterful financial, accounting, and business skills to ask the hard questions and get the answers needed for the project. She worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everything was reviewed and was accurate before presenting the information to the Project Team and Leadership. Bernice’s work ethic and project support were an important part of the success of the project.

Congratulations, Bernice, on achieving the PMO Project Team Member Award! The Project Management Office (PMO) recognizes and appreciates your outstanding work, dedication, and support you provided to this project. Thank you!