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For Parents

First Year at Davenport

We are honored your student is interested in becoming part of the Davenport University family! Selecting a college is one of the most important choices your son or daughter will make. We are here to help you get to know DU and to serve as a resource throughout your student’s college application time. Our staff are available to talk with you about any questions. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 686-1600 anytime you need help. Finding the right college for your son or daughter is a big decision, and requires a lot of research and time. Your input, advice, and knowledge will help your child make the best decision for their future. Let us know if there is any way we can help.

Resources for Parents:

Connect with Davenport 

Please join our Parent Connection mailing list to receive email newsletters about critical deadlines, university news and upcoming events.  You may also follow our Parent Connection facebook group page to stay connected.  We welcome you!

Why Davenport? 3 Reasons: Support, Fun & Success!


You have been there as a guide, mentor and confidante for your student. We know you’re excited for your student to move into this next step in life, but may be concerned who will support and help him/them? DU is continually praised by students for the amazing attention and commitment the staff and faculty provide. Ninety-five percent of our graduates would recommend DU to their friends! As a small, nonprofit, private university we focus individually on your student to guide him/her through the enrollment process at DU.


Being in college is about so much more than hitting the books! The experiences students have in college shape and prepare them to take on new roles in leadership, community service, activism, teamwork and more. Students love getting involved in organizations and events that expand their network and opportunities for engagement! With nearly 40 different athletic teams, multiple intramural sports, 40+ student organizations and countless campus events, we know your student will find the perfect way to create the dream college experience!


Davenport offers programs in the top career fields in the nation so students can be confident their skills will be in-demand at graduation. With our hands-on approach to learning, students build real skills in business, technology, health and urban education. Many programs require an internship or field learning experience which leads to successful on-the-job experiences. DU is proud that 91% of our graduates last year reported employment within six months after graduation.

Learn more by browsing all of the information that our website provides, plus schedule your individual visit to Davenport!

Application and Enrollment Steps for Seniors

Applying to Davenport

1. Apply for admission 

2. Send high school transcripts and ACT/SAT scores 

  • Homeschool transcript information
  • ACT score code: 1981
  • SAT score code: 1183

3. Davenport’s minimum admissions requirements:

  • High school GPA: 2.0+ AND ACT (18+) or SAT (950 overall)
  • Students with ACT (16 or 17 composite) or SAT (870-950 overall) may be eligible to appeal for admission by taking an alternate test (Accuplacer) and submitting a personal statement of purpose. Ask your admissions representative for further details.

4. We review all applications immediately for admissions decisions. Early applications are reviewed as early as the summer following Junior year. Accepted students receive an acceptance packet in the mail within 1 week after acceptance.

5. To review your admission application status, please email your admissions representative directly.

6. Students should confirm their admission decision by May 1st to be eligible for new student orientation and class registration.

Accepted New Students

After acceptance to Davenport University, students should continue to work with the admissions team to review next steps for enrollment. Please encourage your student to watch email and mail for reminders of important opportunities and critical deadlines.

*Admitted students should begin checking their Davenport Panthermail (student email) as many Davenport offices use this official student email address for important reminders before school begins.

Senior year deadlines:

  • October 1st - Begin filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • December 1st - Scholarship applications for community service and leadership scholarships
  • January 15th - Scholarship deadline for DU’s Gerald R. Ford Memorial scholarship for high-achieving students
  • February - Apply for on-campus housing and new student orientation
  • March 1st - Financial aid priority deadline for Michigan grants
  • May 1st - Declare admissions decision to confirm Fall semester enrollment
  • June 1st - Last day to cancel housing applications for a refund
  • July - Students begin confirmation of payment/financial aid plans

**Additional details and resource links are available on the Admitted Student page

FAQ & Resources

Below are answers to commonly asked questions we receive from families during the admission and enrollment of new students. We hope you find your answer here, but would love to talk with you further to answer any remaining questions. Please feel free to contact our admissions team directly at (800) 686-1600 or find direct email addresses at /newstudent


 • When should my student apply/begin the admissions process?

- Students can apply during their junior or senior year of high school. Early applications will be considered based on final junior year transcripts and ACT/SAT scores. Students are encouraged to apply prior to December of their senior year for early advantages.

• My student has applied, when will we find out if they are admitted?
- First, be sure the admissions office has received both the official high school transcript and the student’s ACT or SAT scores. The admissions office will review all applications immediately for admissions decisions. Accepted students receive an acceptance packet in the mail within 1 week after acceptance.

• Where should we send transcripts and ACT/SAT scores?
- We accept transcripts and ACT/SAT scores via mail, fax and electronic formats. View sending
options here.

• How do we schedule a visit to campus? What should we expect during our visit?
- Schedule your personal tour of campus and informational meeting with your assigned member of the admissions team or visit during a Walk and Talk tour or Panther Preview event.

• How does my student confirm their intent to enroll at Davenport?
- Students can confirm they plan to attend DU by submitting their decision online before May 1st.
(Late decisions may be considered.)


• What kinds of early credit can my student receive?
- Students can earn early credits for DU in multiple ways: high school articulation, career & tech center articulation, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), dual enrollment, and testing for credit.

• Can my student dual-enroll for college credit?
- Yes! Students with a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA in high school can talk with their high school
counselors about taking DU classes for early credit. We offer a reduced tuition rate and can work with you to choose the best class. Ask your admissions representative for more details on how to enroll.

• Do you offer an honors program?
- Yes. Students can choose from three different honors groups to get involved in.

• Are there ADA accommodations available for my student that had an IEP in high school?
- Our Student Access Office offers assistance to students. Any student with a documented disability is eligible to request services through Student Access.

• When does my student register for classes?
- New students at the W.A. Lettinga Campus register for classes at New@DU Orientation (summer after senior year). Students attending other campuses meet individually with an advisor to schedule classes.

• Can students start undecided or do they have to select a degree program freshman year?
- Many students are unsure of their degree program in their first year. It is not required that students
declare a major at admission. Students should explore the resources available through the Career
Services staff and DU faculty to learn more about potential careers. It is suggested that students declare a major by the start of their sophomore year.

• Is there any tutoring available?
- Yes. Students should take advantage of free tutoring available in the campus library and online. Both
peer tutoring and professional tutoring are offered to students during posted office hours or by appointment.

• How can I be sure my student will be successful in finding a career after graduation?
- Recent surveys show that 91% of DU grads are employed six-months after graduation. Students
increase their chances of employment by taking advantage of Career Services assistance and internship opportunities. Some programs may also qualify under the DU Employment Guarantee.

• Should parents attend New at DU Orientation?
- Parents are encouraged to accompany their students to orientation. You will have a chance to meet staff
and gather resources across the university, plus there are special sessions designed just for parents. If you are not able to attend, please review any questions individually with your student’s admissions representative.


•What is the cost of Davenport University per year?
-The cost of college includes tuition, fees, books, room and board.  Families should also consider personal expenses including transportation and personal spending.  The average gross cost per year for a student attending full-time and living on campus freshman year is approximately $27,000 (95% of our students qualify for funding that reduces this overall cost).  Use our Net Price Calculator for a personal estimate.

What kinds of financial aid are available to my student?

-Students qualify for a variety of funds including Federal grants, State grants and scholarships, Davenport institutional scholarships, Davenport Foundation scholarships, external scholarships, partnership discounts, student employment, student loans, and additional loan funds.

Can someone review the overall cost and financial aid with our family?
-Please start by talking with your admissions representative.  They can do a detailed estimate of your financial aid eligibility.  All students also have a financial aid counselor available for one-on-one advising about further financial aid questions.

How do we learn about and get started with student loans and parent loans?

-There are many resources on the financial aid pages of our website available for you.  To borrow student loans, all students need to access to complete their Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note.

How do we buy books?

-Students can purchase books through the campus bookstore (Grand Rapids only) or through the online bookstore.  Books are available via several cost-effective options including used, rental or e-books. Students can view the list of required/recommended books by accessing the online bookstore link on the DU Student Connection page.

Where can my student look for on-campus student employment?

-There are many jobs available for students on-campus!  Visit the online employment system to see what is available.  Many on-campus student employees work 15-20 hours per week during the school year.

When is my payment for tuition due?

-All students need to finalize their payment arrangements (financial aid, payment plan, cash, or third-party billing) before classes begin each semester.  A detailed calendar of dates can be found on our Bursar’s site.  All students living in on-campus housing must have payment arrangements made for all costs before being allowed to move in.


Do freshmen have to live on-campus or can they choose to commute?

-Freshman can choose to commute or live on-campus.  Students living beyond 45 miles from campus are strongly encouraged to live in the residence halls.  Research indicates students living on campus have higher GPA’s, retention rates and graduation success!  If a student chooses to commute, they still have full access to campus activities and organizations.  We highly recommend they get involved to get the most out of their college experience!

Can my student have a car on-campus?

-Yes!  All DU students (even freshmen) can have a car on-campus and parking is FREE!  Please register your car before the start of the semester.

What kinds of housing are available at Davenport?

-All freshman living on campus for the first time start in South Hall (typically in a quad suite).  Later students can elect one of the other great options on-campus including our new Panther Woods apartments.

How does the meal plan work? 

-For your first year on campus you will have an unlimited meal plan. (We want to be sure you’re well taken care of in your first year away from home!)  Meal plan details can be found on our dining site.  Commuters are also welcome to purchase a meal plan for the dining hall.

When will my student move in to the residence hall?

-New students move in the weekend before fall classes begin.  This is also the kickoff of the best event of the year: Panther Prowl!  Some fall student athletes will have earlier move-in dates as provided by the coaches.


Do I have access to my student’s university records?

-If a student completes a FERPA waiver form, parents may be granted limited to full access to student educational records based on the student's wishes. Without the signed form, information cannot be released to anyone but the student.

Is Davenport a safe campus?  What safety measures do you take?

-Yes, Davenport is a safe campus.  We were rated in the Top 50 Safest Colleges in America (2018). Security Services has random, roaming foot patrols of the buildings and property.  We also provide escorts to/from buildings, to/from vehicles or other buildings on campus.  Our residence halls are set up with a two fold key card access system that not only requires a programmed key card but also a 4 digit pin in order to access their rooms and some exterior doors.  The campus also utilizes closed circuit TV around the grounds and around/inside buildings.  Security Services Department also works closely with Kent County Sheriff's Department when the need arises to involve the presence of outside law enforcement.

We live outside of the Grand Rapids area.  What is it like around there?

-Grand Rapids is an amazing place!  In fact, Lonely Planet named GR and the Lake Michigan “Gold Coast” the #1 place to visit!  Check out the Top 10 reasons to visit (and live in) Grand Rapids!  Also check out to learn more about the cultural highlights, nightlife, and community.

How does my student register and pay for parking?

-Parking is FREE!  All students need to register for a free parking pass online. Students must park in the lot associated with their parking permit. 

When do classes start and when are the semester breaks?

-DU offers three semesters each year: Fall (September-December), Winter (January-April), and Spring (May-August).  See the dates for each semester on the academic calendar.

What kinds of events happen around campus?

-Davenport University's Grand Rapids Lettinga campus is an active community, jammed with great programs, events and traditions.  See details HERE or follow our Facebook page for current news and happenings.

Do you have any advice for me on how I can help my student succeed at DU?

-As a parent or family member, you can be a positive contributor to his or her personal and academic development and success. Here are a few tips from our more than 150 years of experience, to help you find the right level of support for you and your student! 


Traditions & Events at Davenport

There are many ways for you and your student to enjoy being part of DU!
Check out the many options for traditions and events happening around campus!

Annual Events open to families of students:
Family Weekend
Sibs and Kids Weekend
Excellence in Business Dinner Gala

Interested in seeing one of the Panther teams compete?
Check out the full schedule at

Also, many more events are hosted through the year by DU departments:
Center for Campus Life Events
Alumni & Advancement Events
Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Events

Who to Contact

Department Contact Info

We are happy to help you with any questions you have! Please reach out directly to a department with any specific questions or start with your primary contact:

Primary Contact

New Students - Your primary contact before classes begin is your Admissions Representative 800-686-1600
Current Students - Your primary contact throughout your college career is your Advisor 866-383-3548

DU Departments

Bursar/Business Office
Questions about billing, discounts, tuition cost, refunds, third party billing, and payments

Financial Aid
616-732-1130 or 866-774-0004
Questions about FAFSA, grants, scholarships, loans, and eligibility documents

Questions about living on-campus and events for on-campus students

Student Access
Questions about services for students needing accommodations or student affairs questions.

Career Services
Questions about internships, job preparation, career counseling, and student employment.

Public Safety
Questions about parking, escorts, building access, and security questions.

Library Services
Questions about research services, tutoring, and testing.

Questions about textbooks, laptops & tablets, and DU swag.

616-554-6198 (Front Desk in Student Center)
Contact coaches directly for team-related questions