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Faculty Learning

Faculty Learning at DU

Committed to helping Davenport’s full-time and adjunct faculty reach your goals —as teachers, as scholars, and as working professionals— while supporting you as people!

As stated in our strategic plan, Davenport is committed to develop and deliver leading edge learning initiatives for faculty and staff that fulfill our organizational needs and lead Davenport University to standards of innovative excellence.

To more effectively leverage resources, support consistency in university wide performance expectations and efficiently implement best practices, both faculty and staff development have been centralized under the Office of Performance Excellence. This functional unit is dedicated to leading, guiding and executing on the delivery of initiatives and programs that meet the learning and development needs of all faculty with a strong focus on adjuncts. These learning strategies will be integrated with university wide employee performance expectations and competencies.

Faculty Learning Vision:  

As part of the Office of Performance Excellence, Faculty Learning sustains a supportive, inclusive and equitable faculty community dedicated to personal and professional excellence.

Faculty Learning Mission: 

DU Faculty Learning supports student success by empowering faculty excellence.   We serve full-time and adjunct faculty by offering collaborative sharing and learning opportunities in five key areas:

  1. Sharing teaching practices and building expertise in strategies that help students succeed
  2. Enhancing and sustaining discipline-specific expertise
  3. Career crafting (shaping a successful academic career) and career transitions
  4. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  5. Connecting faculty with organizational development initiatives, including workshops supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our primary initiatives include:

Wynalda Teaching and Learning Institute

This annual conference dedicated to teaching and learning includes a two-day conference prior to the start of the fall term.  New for 2013, this conference was supplemented by the Wynalda TLI Website, a site that provides information and resources regarding the event.  The website allows faculty to download the conference program, learn about guest speakers and facilitators' presentations, engage in livestream, find expo details, browse past conference material, and more.


Faculty Fellows

To serve our multi-campus community, Faculty Fellows from regional area collaborate to help identify specific campus needs, develop new workshops for faculty, and facilitate a robust program of learning opportunities at all DU campuses and online.  Faculty Fellows represent all four Colleges at the University. 



Excellence in Teaching Awards for outstanding faculty

To recognize and reward outstanding teaching, Faculty Learning co-sponsors (with the Office of the Provost)  the annual Excellence in Teaching Awards for both full and part-time faculty.  These awards are presented to faculty at Davenfest, DU’s all-employee meeting.