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DEI Trainings

DEI Online Training Through:

Building Individual and Organizational Competency in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Full-time DU faculty and staff are expected to complete all levels of DEI training to more effectively work together to achieve inclusion. At Davenport, we strive to develop and support a culture of inclusion where multiple perspectives are actively sought out and where everyone is warmly welcomed to fully contribute as valued members of the DU community. Even if you have already completed DEI in-seat training, please explore the updated online resources below for new videos, updated information, and opportunities to test your DEI competency.

  • Course: DEI Level 1: DEI @ DU: Working Together for An Inclusive University

    This professional development program introduces a five component framework for creating an inclusive culture of excellence at DU and helps participants develop the skills needed to sustain and enhance a respectful, inclusive university community.

  • CourseDEI Level II: Taking Action Towards Inclusion
    This “level 2” course builds on key concepts and terminology from the first two courses to better understand actions needed to reduce marginalization and increase inclusion at DU and in our communities.  
  • Course: DEI Level III: Cultural Intelligence
    This "level 3" course builds upon the first 3 courses to for skill development across our faculty and staff in order to support student achievement of the DU Excellence System outcome of Global and Intercultural Competence.