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Diversity Climate Audit

Diversity = All People, United

We seek to create and sustain an all-inclusive culture at Davenport University.

We will work toward a universal understanding that differences are gateways to authentic relationships.

We will continue to promote a multicultural campus and the benefits of diversity.

How to Make it Happen

Tracking our impact on the community will be an exciting part of seeing our efforts in action. The University's Vision 2020 gives us a foundation to build on. Yet, it's people who will make the vision a reality. We are counting on YOU to join with us, whether you are a:

  • DU student from another culture or country attending our campuses.
  • DU student from our home state or partner schools traveling to broaden your views through studying abroad.
  • Member of our staff or faculty, uniting people from every background and ideology through common ground and shared experience.

The Diversity Climate Audit is our starting point. This report assesses:

  • Where we are today
  • Areas of opportunity
  • Recommendations for achieving our goals

We are excited to grow and leverage Davenport's diversity at all levels - policies, programs and people. Check it out and take action: JOIN US!