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Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at DU

At Davenport University, our students, faculty, and staff reflect a diverse group of people but rarely do we talk about the significant value-added through the differences we each bring.   Many in our DU community can make a strong case for diversity as it relates to it’s the right thing to do --ethically and morally--but we also find that many of us are challenged with articulating how DEI impacts the bottom line when it comes to our vision of being “renowned nationally and internationally as a quality institution of higher education” (Vision 2015). Hear from our senior leadership team about the business case for DEI at DU. 

Prepares you for Working in a Global Society

Diversity experiences at college help prepare students to learn the importance of understanding different cultures, traditions, and influences in a global world.

Enhances your Social Development

Diversity improves sensitivity to differences and enhances an ability to relate to people from different backgrounds.

Prepares you for Success

Diversity expands your ability to address problems from different perspectives. This will help you when encountering new or different situations.