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DEI Framework

A transformative framework for the way we provide education as we equip and support faculty, staff and students to create inclusive excellence at DU. 

Glossary of Framework Terms

COMMITMENT – the individual and institutional pledge to do what is needed in order to transform the vision into reality

COMPETENCY – the demonstrated attitudes, skills and knowledge to support a set of behaviors for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion across groups, cultures and practices

DIVERSITY – individual differences (e.g. personality, learning styles, and life experiences) and group/social differences (e.g. race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, country or origin, and ability as well as cultural, political, religious, or other affiliations). 

Association of American Colleges and Universities, retrieved 2/3/12 from

EQUITY - The guarantee of fairness in treatment, access, opportunity and advancement for all students, faculty, and staff and the identification and elimination of barriers that prevent the full participation of some groups. The concept of equity demands the creation of opportunities for underrepresented and marginalized populations to have equal access to and participate in the organization. 

Davenport University, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, Glossary of Terms, May 2012

INCLUSION – the active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity—in the curriculum, in the co-curriculum, and in communities (intellect, social, cultural, geographical) with which individuals might connect—in ways that increase awareness, content knowledge, cognitive sophistication, and empathic understanding of the complex ways individuals interact within systems and institutions. 

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