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Articulation at Davenport

Steps to Creating an Articulation Agreement with Davenport University

Community Colleges: Please contact Christopher Marx, Director of Transfer Articulation, 616-742-1718.

High Schools and Career/Technical Centers

Step One: Identify course(s) that can be articulated.

Compare the course(s) you teach at your high school or career / technical education center to the Davenport University course outcomes from the drop down box.

Do you teach to 80% of the DU course outcomes?

  • Yes = this course can be articulated
  • No = this course cannot be articulated.

Step Two: Record the name of the courses or career/technical education program and the corresponding Davenport University course code(s)  and course name(s) that meet the 80% criteria in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet.

Step Three: Send the document created in Step Two to

Step Four: A representative from the Articulation Department will give you a call and complete the articulation agreement development process.

Please Note:  For technology courses, we are looking that the skill set in the course outcomes is met using the computer software application that your high school or career/technical education center has chosen to use and not the computer software application that Davenport University has chosen and appears in the course outcomes.