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Home-Schooled Students

Welcome Home-Schooled Students!

Davenport is a great choice for students that have completed high school through homeschool education.  Why?

  • Small classes (15-20 students) help you connect with classmates and teachers
  • 40+ student organizations for you to choose the perfect way to get involved
  • Early credit options through early testing and dual enrollment
  • Personal support every step of the way from application to graduation

Will Davenport be the place for you? Visit us to see for yourself!

Ready to apply?

Step 1: Apply for admission

Step 2: Submit transcripts & SAT/ACT scores

How do I submit proof of high school completion?

Home-schooled students must submit the following documentation:

  • Documentation from a home-school agency, local school district, or State Department of Education, or
  • Notarized transcript of high school courses taken, with grades.
  • Provide either qualifying ACT or SAT scores to demonstrate that you have met the approved criteria for acceptance at Davenport University.
  • A student must show a high school diploma, the equivalent of a high school diploma, or an alternate to a high school diploma. High School diploma equivalents are: General Education Development Certificate (GED) or State certified received after passing a state authorized exam that the state recognizes as the equivalent of a high school diploma. High School diploma alternatives are: Passing scores on an approved ability to benefit test or completion of a home school program.

A student who meets his or her state’s requirements for home schooling at the secondary school level has the academic qualification necessary for Title IV eligibility. Like a high school diploma, completion of a home school program at the secondary level may be self-certified.


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